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Targeted Water Governance Makes Wenzhou’s “Mother Rivers” Cleaner
Date:2022-05-10 08:40:09 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The Jiudie River Park in Pingyang has become the “green lung” of Aojiang Town. 

Wenzhou has extensive river basins, while its water governance demands targeted methods.

A few days ago, Wenzhou’s “witness the happiness of Wenzhou, through Five Water Governance” media collection team went to the city’s “mother rivers” in various places to see the effectiveness of water governance in two days’ visits. The Dragon Boat Lake in Ouhai, the Guxi River in Yongjia, the Tianjingyang River in Rui’an, the Jiudie River in Pingyang, the Donggan River in Yueqing … Along the way, wherever the team has visited, the water is clean. Such achievement is benefited by Wenzhou’s experience of “Five Water Governance” over the years, but also cannot succeed without the targeted planning behind the “one river, one strategy” governance scheme.

Targeted control: A “list” to monitor

The Dragon Boat Lake in Ouhai is 1,200 meters long, 130 meters wide, and 3.5 meters deep, with 6 racing tracks. It maintains Class-III water quality, and an ecosystem approach is introduced to safeguard the water quality.

The lake is also the competition site for dragon boat racing in the coming Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. Citizens hold higher expectations for its water quality and scenery.

The clear water waves of the Dragon Boat Lake sparkle in the sunny spring, and the “hardware” competition facilities such as floating balls and boat boarding platforms have been set up. It is learned that the governance of the Dragon Boat Lake mainly focuses on including surrounding firms and industrial parks in the water pollution monitoring list to ensure clean water quality.

Chen Jie, a member of the CPC leading Party group and chief engineer of the Ouhai District Eco-Environment Sub-Bureau, introduced that since this year, they have included 3 sewage treatment plants, 27 venture enterprises, and 21 industrial parks around the Dragon Boat Base into the water pollution monitoring list. At the same time, relevant government departments have formulated emergency plans for water environment and established automatic monitoring stations and manual monitoring systems, so that water quality fluctuations can be detected immediately, and corresponding measures can be taken right away.

Targeted origin tracing: A string of “signs” to find pollution

“According to the latest water quality testing report, the water quality of the Jiudie River reaches the Class III water quality standard.” Zhou Zhiyang, head of the Water Governance Office of Aojiang Town, Pingyang County, said that relying on the achievements of river water governance and the gradual improvements of surrounding supporting facilities, the Jiudie River Park has become the “green lung” of Aojiang Town.

The transformation of the water quality of the Jiudie River is attributed to the construction of the “Zero Liquid Direct Discharge Area”. To solve the problem of water pollution from the origins, signs have been set up at all drainage outlets in the Jiudie River Basin, so that relevant departments can trace the origin of pollution at the outlets in the basin.

Nowadays, to monitor the river water quality, law enforcement officers only need to keep eyes on the drainage outlets, which is also an important part of the inspection work of grass-roots river chiefs.

Jiudie River Park is the epitome of Pingyang County’s promotion of “Five Water Governance”. In 2022, Pingyang government plans to complete the construction of “Zero Liquid Direct Discharge Areas” in Kunyang Town, Aojiang Town, Shuitou Town, Wanquan Town, and Haixi Town to achieve zero direct discharge in the whole region.

Targeted patrol: A “system” to consolidate

At the beginning of 2020, the water quality of Yueqing Puqi state-controlled monitoring section re-worsened. As a result, an “iron-handed water battle” began. In the same year, the water quality was stably controlled at the Class IV standard.

In 2021, Yueqing government continued to promote the fundamental transformation from “resolutely well” to “deeply well” tackling difficulties of water governance. The water quality of the eight county-controlled or above monitoring sections was stabilized at Class IV or lower, and the annual average water quality of the Puqi state-controlled monitoring section achieved Class III for the first time.

The success of the favorable “turnaround battle” originated from the local comprehensive governance of industrial areas, agricultural nonpoint source pollution, and domestic sewage discharge on both sides of the river.

For controlling industrial wastewater, the seven tributaries of the Donggan River have been monitored with “one river, one strategy” scheme. Five towns and streets have started leaks-checking and gaps-filling for the construction of the “Zero Liquid Direct Discharge Area”. For the control of the agricultural nonpoint source pollution, the “ecological ditches” around the river have improved the coastal purification capacity with hydroponic plants’ self-purification and their root system’s soil fixation abilities. Besides, the upgrading and renovation project of the Hongqiao Sewage Disposal Plant has strongly supported the treatment of domestic sewage.

In addition, in order to maintain water quality, the local authority innovatively uses the “sky eyes” system, cruise monitoring system, and sonar detection system, forming a trinity patrol system of “aerial monitoring, river surface inspecting, and underwater detecting”. Zheng Atian, the member of the CPC Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Puqi Town, introduced that the use of this system can timely detect and eliminate the risk of water pollution in the river and its influence area, improving the emergency response capacity of the water environment through digital empowerment.

The “Five Water Governance” has made unremitting efforts to improve the happiness of Wenzhou citizens in an all-round way. Next, Wenzhou will focus on improving the quality of water environment, comprehensively carry forward the section water quality “reaching Class III and eliminating Class V”, and deepen the construction of “Zero Liquid Direct Discharge Area” and the work of improving quality and efficiency of sewage disposal, to realize transformation of happiness through “Five Water Governance”.