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Five Attractions under Construction along Wenzhou’s Ouhai Avenue
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Design effect picture of the Ouhai Avenue greening upgrading project for welcoming Asian Games

Ouhai Avenue, a trunk to the Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center as a venue of the coming Asian Games, will become a window to showcase Wenzhou. The landscape greening improvement project of the avenue has been put on the agenda, which will focus on building and updating five scenic areas in form of mountains,waters and islands to present a better Wenzhou city image to the world, according to the Wenzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau(WCALEB).

The landscape design scheme of the Ouhai Avenue landscape greening improvement project says that Wenzhou will improve its both natural and cultural landscapes to cater for the Asian Games.

Building an urban dynamic corridor themed with local landscape culture

Wenzhou is the birthplace of Chinese landscape poetry. In ancient times, its mountains and waters were lauded with brilliant verses by many scholars. So, the landscape design scheme proposes to create a dynamic corridor themed with the city’s landscape culture in urban areas so that the city’s humanistic spirit nourished by the landscape echos the energetic spirit of the Asian Games.

A guest-greeting scenic belt featuring local culture and the Asian Games spirit will be    built in the middle section (from the junction of Huimin Road to that of Wenchang Road) of Ouhai Avenue.

A scenic spot named "Mountain Shrouded in Mist " will be created at the intersection of Huimin Road and Ouhai Avenue. With landscapes, tracks and the Internet as design elements, adopting night view with WiFi lighting, and following the logo meaning of the Asian Games, the spot will display the theme of “for-the-future” and “heart-to- heart communication” in a scientific way.

A scenic spot named "Charm of Water" will be formed at the intersection of Tangjiaqiao Road and Ouhai Avenue. The spot will foil the slogan of "Poetic Wenzhou, Dynamic Asian Games" by making use of the sense of rhythm from broken lines of stainless steel.

The scenic spot themed with “Onward-surging River" will be built at the junction of Sanlong Avenue and Ouhai Avenue, which outlines the winding Oujiang River with a greening belt, presenting the meaning of the Asian Games slogan of "Heart to Heart, @future" and the the city’s sense of mobility.

The scenic spot named "Islet and Ripples " is to be built at the crossing of Shangyang Road and Ouhai Avenue. At the spot, the landscape elements and the urban contour are to be put on the wall with weather-proof steel plates, making the city composed of "half landscape and half residential districts ".

An attraction known as “Beauty of Islet” will appear at the junction of Wenchang Road and Ouhai Avenue, which looking like scattered islands and shimmering water ripples, is to show the theme of the dragon boat race to be hosted by Wenzhou with the elements of local distinctive undulating hills and rivers.

Flowers in boxes to be upgraded in an all-round way

In the west guest-greeting section (from the junction of Xiupu Road to that of Wenrui Avenue) of Ouhai Avenue, 11 ramps are to be transformed and upgraded. For example, at the ramp entrance of Loudong Avenue, bougainvillea speetabilis will be adopted to embellish the protective railings there, so as to to create a flower-clustered guest-greeting passage.

According to a leader of the WCALEB, the present 10,800 Chinese roses along Ouhai Avenue will be replaced with bougainvillea speetabilis, and the soil in 10,000 boxes of existing bougainvillea speetabilis will be improved. During the flower updating period, the drip irrigation system will be tested and maintained, and the problems such as water flow blockage and other damage will be handled in time so that the flower boxes can be kept in good condition for a long time.

The main greening areas along Ouhai Avenue will also be improved, so that the original disordered vegetation landscape will become the one with a sense of depth and colour color, and strong in survival. In the reasonable location of the landscape, various lights will be arranged to improve the city’s night view and help to create a warm atmosphere of the Asian Games.

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