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Dongyu Power Plant to be transformed into “Light of Wenzhou”
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Light of Wenzhou

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Boiler Cafe

On April 19, local authorities said that the buildings of the second-phase transformation project of Dongyu Power Plant, located in the Nanjiao Subdistrict of Lucheng District, has been demolished and put out to tender. After the transformation, the obsolete power plant will become a commercial complex integrating education, energy museum, business, entertainment, etc., thus becoming a new cultural IP of Wenzhou.

Rejuvenating industrial heritage

The second-phase transformation project is based on the design concepts of turning an industrial heritage into a landscape park and Wenruitang River star. The original industrial plant buildings, chimneys, and equipment will be retained to build a hybrid of consumption and design center, as well as energy museum. The project will serve as a new urban benchmark that encompasses industrial heritages, creative industry bases, leisure venues and Wenruitang River nighttime economic areas. It will further rejuvenate the industrial heritages, rebrand the “Wenruitang River Night Tour”, revitalizing Wenzhou’s industrial civilization and improving urban capacity energy. The construction period is expected to be 36 months.

The director of the project said that the transformation project is temporarily denominated as “Light of Wenzhou”, and it will locate in the central square of the power plant. The original conveyor belt and main façade of the power plant will embody the interplay of past and present, time and space. In the future, it will become the dock and scenic viewpoint of the “Wenruitang River Night Tour.”

Dongyu Power Plant was built in 1958 and ceased production in 2007. In 2018, it was listed as a first-class industrial heritage in Wenzhou for protection. The total investment of the transformation project of Dongyu Power Plant is 1.45 billion yuan. The first phase of the project integrates various functions such as cruise passenger transfer and distribution, leisure and entertainment. The park opened in September last year.

Increasing Internet-famous spots

Cultural uniqueness is the endogenous resource endowment and cultural identity for a city’s long-term development. Gongyuan Road Historical and Cultural Block presents Wenzhou’s rich historical and cultural accumulation to the public and tourists through adaptive transformation and utilization, which retains the nostalgic memory of the Wenzhou people and shows the unrepeatable Wenzhou culture to tourists across the country. Similarly, Dongyu Power Plant will evoke people’s memory of Wenzhou’s industrial history, endow Wenzhou’s cultural identity with industrial heritage culture, fengshui-based big dipper city construction culture, Wenruitanghe River culture, etc., maintain the emotional attachment of Wenzhou people, and consolidate Wenzhou’s urban cultural deposits.

The project consists of photonic spots for social media, including boiler cafe, rooftop bars, publishing centers, boutique design hotels, conveyor belts, etc., the “cultural axis” centered on the central square and the “commercial axis” centered on the commercial streets. The roads passing through it connects the green space with the public space and natural landscape, which improves the hydrophilicity of the site and the building, and connects the waterfront park. Adaptive reuse of industrial heritage will enhance urban public life, and promote leisure, entertainment, and cultural consumption. Building Dongyu Power Plant into a brand-new unduplicated cultural and travel product will explore its use-value, and further drive commercial activities and cultural tourism.

Promoting layout of cultural and creative areas

Local publicity authorities said that Lucheng District would promote the development of Dongyu Power Plant Cultural and Creative Park, Songtai Square Zhangfuji Ancient Street, Jiangnan Ranch Cultural Tourism Project, Shuangjing Quarter Cultural and Tourism Integration Project, Minhang Road “City Island” Cultural and Creative Block, etc., and give impetus to the six cultural and creative areas including Oujiang Landscape Cultural Tourism Belt, Tanghe River Cultural Industry Belt, and Millennium Ancient City Cultural Industry Belt. The local cultural department will focus on cultural and creative sectors, such as script kill-new social entertainment in Ouzhoucheng Block, and nurture more photo spots for social media, such as Xiaobafang Music District. In the next step, local authorities will take advantage of the urban resources, guide the commercial districts to cultural and creative transformation, nurture new high-quality cultural industry parks and blocks, promote agglomeration, large-scale and characteristic development, and forge Wenzhou’s city brand as “ a happy city featuring a millennial trade port” .

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