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10 “Ten” characteristic cultural and tourism consumption brands to be forged in Wenzhou
Date:2022-04-25 11:19:24 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Nantang Night Painting

Photo from Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism

Recently, Wenzhou issued the 2022 Action Plan of National Cultural and Tourism Consumption Pilot City (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), calling for the creation of 10 “Ten” characteristic cultural and tourism consumption brands including “Top Ten Bazaars” to help “Wenzhou, a happy city featuring a millennial trade port” to enhance its consumption capacity and brands of cultural and tourism consumption in a bid to achieve a new leap from a “pilot city” to a “model city”.

1 national cluster of night cultural and tourism consumption

According to the Plan, Wenzhou will select blocks, complexes related to culture, sports, business and tourism, and scenic spots with sound infrastructure and active consumer markets to promote further agglomeration of the cultural and tourism consumption pattern. Efforts will be made to create 1 national and 2 provincial clusters of night cultural and tourism consumption, cultivate no less than 3 municipal clusters of cultural and tourism consumption or characteristic demonstration sites of cultural or tourism consumption. Meanwhile, new consumption agglomeration sites will be molded in such consumption clusters as Nantang Scenic Area and Wuma Historical and Cultural Block. The three tourism and leisure blocks of “Nanxi River Country Music Town for Slow Life”, “Shangen Music Art Village” and “Tie Ding Liu Liu” will be enlarged and empowered to be high-quality and popular with Wenzhou’s characteristics, and 1 to 2 provincial or national tourism and leisure blocks will be shaped in 2022. Besides, Wenzhou will also use distinctive theaters like Wenzhou Grand Theatre, Wenyuan Theatre and Southeast Theatre to host brand activities including “Journey of Art”, “Weekend Theatre” and “New Year Drama Month”.

1 to 2 future scenic area with rich and leading business formats

The Plan shows that Wenzhou will implement five major actions featuring “culture +” strategy. First, the action of “fine transformation and upgrading” will be carried out to promote the work of 6 provincial pilot counties and 13 provincial pilot entities. Cultural signs including results of “decoding cultural gene” and “Song Flavored Wenzhou Style” will be implanted in scenic spots and attractions.

Second, actions will be taken to enhance the scenic consumption industry by mobilizing culture to empower the “Plan of Literature and Art to Light up the Countryside”, “Project of Embellishing Scenery by Culture”, and “Landscaping Thousand Villages, Hundred Towns and Ten Counties”. This year, 1 to 2 distinctive leading future scenic areas with diverse business formats will be forged while over 70% of scenic areas will ensure safe consumption.

Third, Wenzhou will carry out the action of integrating intangible cultural heritage into daily life and industrializing it. Under the guideline of “seeing people, things and life”, it will innovate and upgrade a number of intangible cultural heritage experience bases, towns, scenic spots, blocks and other new spaces for the common prosperity by and sharing of intangible cultural heritage. It will also organize competitions of designing creative products of intangible cultural heritage, which will hopefully provide intangible cultural heritage souvenirs and Wenzhou’s characteristic gifts to “2022 Culture City of East Asia - Year of Activity in Wenzhou, China”.

Fourth, Wenzhou will enforce the action of “bringing cultural relics to life”. With the goal of “building Wenzhou into a city of private museums in China”, efforts will be made to urge social forces to participate in the establishment of private museums and develop a number of industry museums with regional traits and industrial themes. In good time, the city will launch museum tourism brands such as “Night Tour of Museums”, “Museums for the New Year” and “Museum Study Tour”.

Fifth, Wenzhou will continue the action of “Red Culture Root”. While transforming red cultural resources into red cultural products, it will innovate unique red cultural tourism products, select 3 to 5 municipal red cultural tourism education bases in Wenzhou after the third round of evaluation, and formulate boutique routes of red cultural tourism.

“2 layouts” of new cultural space and cultural tourism bazaar

The Plan calls for “2 layouts” of new cultural space and cultural tourism bazaar. Public libraries, cultural museums (stations), museums, cultural halls and other existing facilities space will be exploited to achieve culture + consumption and other functions; 12 creative transformation demonstration sites and 12 petty but pretty art space models will be established citywide; regular creative bazaars are expected to land in urban areas to form a number of new “cultural tourism bazaar” brands and business districts, while cultural tourism bazaars including Qingdeng Bazaar, Nantang Night Fair, Mingshan Mountain Intangible Cultural Heritage Night Fair will be further improved.

In addition, Wenzhou will enrich online cultural tourism consumption functions through digital scenes. Via applications such as “Staggered Travels” and “Tour in Lucheng”, holiday travels will be smooth sailing and will offer better holiday consumption experience. The cultural tourism information service platform of “E Tour in Wenzhou” will be used to form a general entrance of cultural tourism information service and a cross-platform unified user system that has multi-terminal release, providing tourists with travel tips.

Focus on core cultural tourism brands such as the Qingdeng Bazaar

In the Plan, it is pointed that Wenzhou will focus on such themes as history, landscape, business, festivals, fashion and food to create and enhance 10 “Ten” characteristic cultural and tourism consumption brands. They are “Top Ten Bazaars”, “Top Ten Blocks”, “Top Ten Innovation Space”, “Ten Scenes for Night Tour”, “Ten Study Tour Bases”, “Ten Scenes of Industrial Tourism”, “Ten Streets with Delicacies”, “Ten Rural Clusters”, “Ten Routes” and “Ten Net-famous Tourist Destinations”. Priorities will be given to the upgrade and creation of such core cultural tourism brands as “9·20 Road Trips in Wenzhou”, “I Love the Night of Wenzhou”, “Thousand Dishes from Hundred Counties and Hundred Dishes of Wenzhou Flavor”, “Qingdeng Bazaar”, “Nanxi River Country Music Town for Slow Life”, “Nantang with Song Yun Culture” and “Wenzhou in 24 Solar Terms”. Meanwhile, “Qiaojiale” B&Bs will become a high-quality “tourism micro-destination” with Wenzhou’s characteristics, and the marketing activities that combine “B&B + scenic spot” will drive the overnight consumption of local tourists in Wenzhou.

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