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The 2nd azaleas exhibition held in Xiushan Park
Date:2022-04-20 14:35:27 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Azaleas are in full bloom in Xiushan Park.

Recently, the second azaleas exhibition was held in Xiushan Park in downtown Wenzhou. With a total of 48 varieties, nearly 80,000 azaleas attracted many citizens.

This year, Wenzhou Lucheng District Garden Virescence Service Center increased the number of azalea varieties from the original 38 to 48 based on the first azalea exhibition of the Xiushan Park, such as Changchun No. 3 (specific name for a kind of azalea, the same below), Changchun No.4, Zhuangyuanhong, Yuqiuhong, Xingfu, Wubaolvzhu, Xiaotaohong, Hongqilin and other varieties. In the azalea garden and along the  creek, another 30 tall stalk azaleas and over 10 shaped azaleas were added. More than 7,000 red “azaleas”(like flamingoes) were planted along the slope of the “Bijia Hill”, covering 500 square meters. All of them are in full bloom, like a huge red blanket.

Azalea, also known as Rhododendron, is a traditional famous flower in China, symbolizing good fortune. The person in charge of the park said that there are nearly 80,000 azaleas in bloom, like a gorgeous sunrise, as if the mountains and forests are decorated with rouge, being more beautiful than peach, plum and lotus.

Due to the epidemic prevention and control, the park's indoor exquisite azalea exhibition is temporarily closed. The person in charge said that the park will strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control, continue to ensure disinfection and cleaning, and dynamic implementation of flow restriction is taken to keep social distance in crowded places. Visitors are required to obey the management, scan the place code, and wear masks.

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