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Wenzhou Comprehensively “Beautifying” Farm Produce Markets
Date:2022-04-18 14:14:25 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Transformed and upgraded Songtao Farm Produce Market

The Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 has entered the countdown stage. Wenzhou, as a co-host city, is accelerating its comprehensive renewal. Recently, the Wenzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau (WMMSB) has implemented a plan of “beautifying” (Transforming and upgrading) ten farm produce markets in the urban area in an all-round way to further improve the appearance of the city and the market services.

The ten markets are those of Songtai, Tianlei, Xintianyuan, Huanglong, Tangjiaqiao Chengbei, Yixiangcheng, Rongyue Center, as well as the Senhuozhijia Market in Dongtou District and the Fulicheng Farm Produce Market in the Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

According to a leader of the WMMSB, aimed at creating the market with "a clean and tidy environment, safe food, standardized management and customers’ satisfaction", the city’s market beautifying plan is to improve the operation, management and services of farm produce markets, focusing on the following: (1) environmental sanitation, which denotes requirements for a clean market circumstances, and normalized wastes sorting and plastic bag using; (2) integrity in operation, which means showcased business licenses, honest dealing, marked food prices, legalized behaviour in price, normalized food testing and safety; (3) a good market image, which refers to the standardized and unified signs of a market, publicized and normalized management regulations, orderly and rational management, complete service facilities and barrier free ones, a good job in non-profit publicity, and venders being polite to shoppers and vise verse; (4) application of information technology to management, which signifies reliable information monitoring, application of mobile payment, establishment of information publicity query terminals, and reinforcement of intelligent and digital information management.

The Songtai Farm Produce Market, included in the beautifying plan, actively responded to the proposals of the plan. Based on its own characteristics and digital management, the market has been significantly improved by its taking effective measures. In 2018, it was rated as a provincial-level five-star farm produce market, and in 2020, as a provincial-level “normalized, humanized, featured, smart and facilitative” transformation demonstration market. It first provided digital and full chain supervision services in Zhejiang Province. "We have attached great importance to the environmental sanitation and orderly operation as they will leave people the first impression. So, we elaborately planned the market layout, improve our service management, and advocated that venders are polite to shoppers, perform honest operation, spread out goods according to related regulations. Meanwhile, the venders are also required to set AI monitoring equipment and information publicity query terminals in the market, and to supervise the market operation together with citizens so as to create a good market atmosphere," said a leader of the Songtai Farm Produce Market.

Led by local governments, and guided by the competent department in business, Wenzhou, based on a mechanism of assessment and incentives, will surely strengthen and accelerate the creation of “beautiful” farm produce markets with the active participation of both venders and consumers.

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