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Cangnan builds Wenzhou’s first centralized international mail supervision warehouse
Date:2022-04-13 16:05:14 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

When Wenzhou is grappling to reduce the spread of covid-19 amid covid-19 outbreaks across China, the safety of express delivery concerns every Wenzhou resident. To this end, China Post Cangnan Branch built the first centralized international mail supervision warehouse in Wenzhou to significantly reduce the risk of epidemic spread through distribution channels and build a lifeline for Wenzhou citizens.

The warehouse covers a construction area of about 153 square meters and adopts “closed-loop management modes” such as “specialized international mail delivery,” “disposal in the special area of the disinfection process,” and “designated staff for the certain area” to ensure the safety of mails. It is divided into eight areas according to their functions, such as vehicle disinfection area, ultraviolet disinfection area, atomization disinfection area, etc., and two transportation channels for mails and deliverers, respectively. When the delivery vehicle arrives at the warehouse, it needs to be completely disinfected. The mails will be atomized and disinfected by the atomization disinfection equipment for 20 minutes, then transferred to the stock area for ultraviolet disinfection, and finally left to stand for seven days.

Lin Jian, Deputy General Manager of the Delivery Business Department of China Post Cangnan Branch, said that after seven days, the staff would notify the corresponding customer to go to the warehouse, unpack the package under his consent, then open the package in person through the glass in the internal disinfection area for nucleic acid detection. “After 24 hours, if the test result is negative, we will notify the customer to come and pick up the package again.” After the customer picks up the package, he needs to do a nucleic acid test on the third day of the pick-up to prevent the pandemic spread. Up to now, China Post Cangnan Branch has more than 200 international packages in stock, transferred to the warehouse by designated staff who have registered them one by one.

While strictly controlling international mail, Cangnan has also implemented strict prevention policies for domestic mail. Every mail processing centers, express business outlets in the county have not only increased the frequency of daily disinfection and ventilation, but also strictly disinfected the floor of the operation room, express conveyor belts, express packaging, etc., to ensure full coverage of pandemic prevention.

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