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Cangnan's tunnel tourist attractions accessible to the public
Date:2022-04-13 16:04:02 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, Mazhan Town of Cangnan County has finished the completion check and acceptance of Dingkui Mountain tunnel project. Inside the tunnel, there are beautiful painted sceneries of Cangnan on two sides with blue sky and white clouds on the dome. With the "sea blue" being the main color of the painted tunnel, it is the first landscape tunnel in Cangnan with painted pictures, for No. 168 golden coastline has been added with attracting sites, which facilitates access to many tourists to appreciate mountains and seas of Cangnan.

Dingkui Mountain Tunnel, located in the entrance of the scenic area of Dayuliao of Mazhan Town, with a total length of 2190 meters, was invested by Cangnan County Travel Service Investment Group to comprehensively improve the whole area of tourism environment in Cangnan under the principle of "micro-transformation brings refine upgrading" as a crucial opportunity to improve the overall environment of Dingkui Mountain Tunnel through painting. The tunnel painting project, with a total investment of about 3.62 million yuan, started on January 4th, 2022, including the eradication of tunnel tile surface, wall spray coatings, painting, top lighting and repair of the tunnel, etc.. After more than two months of construction, the Dingkui Mountain tunnel achieved a gorgeous transformation, as the tunnel was coated with the main color of the "sea blue". For on-site appreciation, we can find that the roof of this tunnel is painted with blue sky and white clouds, and the inner wall with beautiful sceneries of Cangnan such as Yuliao scenic area, No.168 ecological coastal zone, Zhongkui village, Green Energy town, Puzhuang suocheng (sea defense castle in ancient China), and Xia Guan town, Fudewan ancient village, which fully generalized the beautiful mountain and sea scenery of Yuliao Scenic Area and Cangnan No. 168 ecological coastal zone, enhancing the comfort of tourist experience and driving environment. It also becomes a new attraction for coastal tourism in Cangnan County.

In addition to the Dingkui Mountain tunnel, in Cangnan County's Yanting scenic area, a new Yanting pedestrian tunnel of 3D lighting show project also completed acceptance, which started from Lingyan Road, and ended to the south walking path of Yanting Jinshatan Beach, with a length of 395m and 5.5m wide. It is known that the total investment of Yanting pedestrian tunnel project is about 3.5 million yuan, including the pedestrian tunnel internal ground and 3D lighting wall creation, which are divided into four parts such as water curtain entrance, ocean impression, romantic channel, Haikushilan(an oath of unchanging fidelity, literally means “Oceans may dry up and rocks may crumble”). The latter two creates new consumption scenarios that are immersive, experience-based, and interactive. Visitors in the pedestrian tunnel can feel the charm of the ocean world in an all-round, three-dimensional way, given an early chance to appreciate the love island, the eternal tower, and the bell of Cupid as the three attractions of the beautiful stories and sceneries, getting the feeling of crossing the "underwater world". It is learned that, at present, Cangnan County Travel Service Investment Group is preparing for the business operation project in the Yanting pedestrian tunnel and intending to introduce popular “Internet celebrities” coffee and dessert bar, seafood food bar, creative retail store and the individualized pub in the tunnel, to promote Cangnan as a major tourism destination of mountain and beach in East China.

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