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Time for a spring outing around Wenzhou
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Pear flowers of early blossoms, tea with fragrant smells, a sunny spring day in peace

Beach in Dongtou in spring

Lishui Street in spring

Spring, as the beginning of the four seasons, possesses all the beauty and grace. With the arrival of the Qingming Festival (also called the Tomb Sweeping Day, usually falls on the 5th of April), the spring scenery in Wenzhou emerge and sprout: the spring forest in the Jiangxin Islet is flourishing, the flowers by the Nanxi River are blooming, and the little squirrels in Yandang Mountain are jumping among the peach trees and willows… Let’s meet in the warm spring, to enjoy the lovely flowers, to climb high mountains, to smell the aroma of tea, to savor the good taste of food, and to appreciate the spring scenery together.

Where can we go to feel the blowing spring breeze in Wenzhou? Recently, Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism, and departments of culture and tourism of each county (city, or district) have launched a batch of spring tour routes. Let’s follow the guide to go on a spring tour.


Travel route for tea appreciation in the ancient city


Mingquan Ancient Stage Tearoom (Jiangxin Islet) —— Qinghuan Unmanned Tearoom —— Chunshanban (Xiaobafang)

Feature introduction:

Savoring a pot of tea and listening to an opera, at the Mingquan Ancient Stage Tearoom in the Jiangxin Islet, you can find a quiet place and scald cups and pots to add tea and pour water on it. Tea leaves roll up and down in the water, just as the lives of characters in the opera. Then, scented by the aroma of tea in the room, you may comprehend the lives depicted by the opera.

Mingquan Ancient Stage Tearoom is just located in front of the Ancient Stage in Jiangxin Island, after which it is named. Melodious rhythms and tones are often heard here, including Yue Opera, Puppet Show, Guci (Drumbeat Lyrics), Lotus Opera, and Yongjia Kun Opera … Mild and pleasant tunes, with the fresh fragrance of tea, leisurely echo and linger in the heart, to bring you to experience the profound cultural details and the beauty of melodies in the hometown of Nanxi (one of the first fully developed forms of Chinese drama). You may taste the tea and stroll along the riverside feeling the cool breeze, or spin and jump on the lawn covered by newly grown grass. Even a casual shot of you is fully artistic.

In the era of “self-service” and “sharing”, unmanned self-service tearooms have quietly appeared in the concealed corners of the city. Qinghuan Unmanned Tearoom is hidden in a residential area beside Siyuan Road in Binjiang Subdistrict, Lucheng District. Reservation shall be done online, and then you may open the door with a password and brew the tea by yourself. The whole process with no manual service, as a rare operating mode, adds a sense of joy to the meeting with others and the drinking of tea.

There is a teahouse facing the Wen-Rui Canal in Xiaobafang, named Chunshanban. Decorated in light and elegant wood tones, the teahouse welcomes everyone who loves tea or may love tea in a pure way. The process from curiosity to love is greatly precious. It is hoped that more young people will inherit Chinese tea culture and grow together.


One-day tour of spring outing and mount climbing


Yaohu Lake —— Jinzhong Waterfall —— Yaoxilong River —— Zhongxiu Garden —— Longgang Mountain —— Qianfo Pagoda

Feature introduction:

In the morning, you may first go to the Yaohu Lake Scenic Area. The lake is clear and peaceful that you may see fishes “flying” in the shallow water, while real birds are also flying gracefully to suddenly bring you into a fairyland. The next spot is Jinzhong Waterfall. “Jinzhong” literally means “golden bell”. As the steep walls on three sides form an arc and the sound of the waterfall is loud, it is vividly named as “Jinzhong” for its shape and sound. You can see the wide waterfall pouring down from the cliff, which is spectacular. Then, it comes to Yaoxilong River which is about 10 kilometers long. The green mountains on both sides of the river are confronting each other. The jade-like rocks are stacked in the valley, while the clear current is turbulently running. The water and the rocks are “battling” against each other.

In the afternoon, the first stop is at Zhongxiu Garden Scenic Area. Seven ancient architectures full of antique beauty are entirely relocated to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Base in Zhongxiu Garden, including Zhenyi Academy, Longwan Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Hall, Maimai Rice Wine Experience Hall, and others. By taking the precious historical buildings as stages and profound cultural details of Longwan as the core, and integrating featuring traditional intangible cultural heritages, such as movable-type printing, woodcarving on ancient buildings, inlaid lacquer paintings, glass engraving, character-spelling dragon dance and maimai rice wine making, to apply the form of display, appreciation and interactive experience of various intangible cultural heritages, a characteristic belt of cultural landscape has come into being.

Longgang Mountain is named after the inscription of “longgang”, which literally means “dragon’s spine”. It is a Neolithic cultural site. Many cliff inscriptions are dotted among the clear water and jade-like rocks. The Qianfo Pagoda in the mountain is a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level. The hexagonal pagoda has 10 stories left and is about 17 meters tall. There are 18 seated Buddha statues in relief on each kunmen (arch with serrated edge above doorway) in every story of the pagoda. It has overall 1062 statues, which is the reason why it gets the name “Qianfo” (a thousand buddhas).

This route is also a gourmet route. The surrounding Yaolin Pavilion, Shuangjinwu Restaurant and Laofangzi Agritainment all have their own main dishes that are tasty, such as tuna’s chins, crystal beef, steamed millet porridge with giant mud crabs, stewed giant mottled eels with rice wine, pig trotters with abalones, braised sea cucumbers with sweet potatoes, etc.


Three-day tour of family spring outing on the island


Wanghai Tower —— Haixia Village —— Vanguard Militiawoman Company Memorial Hall —— Xiandie Rocks (Nanpaotai Mountain) —— Dongao Fishing Village —— Experience sea pottery making —— Go sea fishing —— Banping Mountain —— Jiucai’ao Beach —— Return

Feature introduction:

This is a three-day island slow travel route, covering scenic areas, culture, ancient villages, revolution, intangible cultural heritage experience, and other formats. On the first day, you may go to Wanghai Tower, a showpiece for the history and culture of Dongtou and the first spot of the hundred-island tour, to experience its long history, majestic architecture, and rich maritime folk culture. Then, during the visit to Haixia Village, you may go to the Vanguard Militiawoman Company Memorial Hall to remember the original intention of the company from the history and keep the mission in mind.

The next day, while you are walking along the ring road in the island to Xiandie Rocks Scenic Area, you can step on the “East China Sea First Plank Road”, listen to the waves, watch the sea, play with sand, and appreciate rocks. The sea breeze and the magnificent seascapes are all pleasant surprises along the way. Dongao Village retains the authentic island heritage such as traditional festival customs, regional folk songs, dialects, and slangs. As you come to the seaside, you should experience the simple and natural sea pottery making to create one with sea mud by yourself. You can truly perceive the perfect harmony of mountain and sea in the process, and get your unique pottery generated in the hot flame.

On the last day, you can go sea fishing with the fishermen in the early morning, and then enjoy playing with water and sand on the Jiucai’ao Beach: rainbow parachute, sailboat, water trapeze, flying fish boat, amphibious pleasure boat, water bike, beach go-kart, helicopter, etc. The beautiful scenery of the steep cliffs of Banping Mountain and the blue sea and golden sand on the Jiucai’ao Beach are unforgettable for tourists.

The Nanxi River

Two-day tour of a leisurely and artistic trip


Shimentai —— Wild Pigeon Park —— Lishui Street —— Twelve Peaks —— Ziran Isles

Feature introduction:

On the first morning, the trip starts in Shimentai Scenic Area. Ascending the stairs along the canyon, you can see nine waterfalls with different characteristics, while on the way down, you can also sit for a while in the Youxie Tearoom at the foot of the mountain to enjoy the tea and the scenery. After lunch, you can go to Wild Pigeon Park, where there are adventure facilities favored by children (Howl’s moving castle, sand castle, large slides, etc.), as well as nostalgic childhood memories of adults, like a miniature gallery built on trees, a moving magic house, a rainbow road …

The ancient Lishui Street in spring is quaint and quiet, misty and rainy, and full of tender feelings. Here you will see the  Chengfeng Pavilion,  the Jieguan Pavilion, the 300-meter-long corridor, the Lishui Bridge and the Lishui Lake. You can sit in a pub to drink, chat, and listen to music. The natural quaint ceiling and wooden door frame with light belt in Venfun Bistro make the old time “fall in love with” the modern fashion. At night, you can stay in the garden-style Nanxi Ruoshe or the Yasenbu Villa with the tribal concept of technological life.

On the second day, you may go to the Twelve Peaks Scenic Area, where the peaks like pillars rise straight from the ground. The thrilling via ferrata rock climbing is also worth experiencing. After lunch, you can drive to the Ziran Isles, and then practice paddling a canoe on the water. Driving forward, stopping, and retreating, you will soon be able to master the essential skills. Then, you can ride a kayak in the wetlands of Nanxi River. Your paddling is accompanied by greenery. What comes into eyes is deep and shallow green with the background of distant undulating mountains, as if you’ve strayed into a fairy tale forest which is full of tremendous beauty.

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