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Wenzhou initiates measures to strengthen agriculture by sci-tech and mechanization
Date:2022-03-31 15:59:52 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

In Shefan Village, Xianyan Subdistrict, Ouhai District, the staff are spraying wheat by drone to enhance efficiency.

Now is the season of rape flowering. In Tongpu, Rui’an, rape flowers are yellowing the fields all the way. According to the grain grower Ye Shoumin, mechanized planting of rape flowers throughout not only significantly cuts the labor cost while improving production efficiency, but also realizes three seasons of rape flower planting every year, making Tongpu the “test field” of “strengthening agriculture by sci-tech and mechanization” for shared prosperity.

Ye Shoumin revealed that the rapeseed he planted, commonly known as “yellow-seeded rape”, blossomed earlier than the hybrid variety due to its shorter growth time. Planting of his farmlands is notably all mechanized: tilling machines for land tilling, drones for sowing, spraying insecticide and fertilizing, reaping machines for harvests, drying machines for rapeseed drying, etc. Various farm machinery greatly improves efficiency and reduces labor costs. “Take rape planting for example. It can be finished in a day when drones are employed for sowing, fertilization and spraying insecticide. Each mu of field can save costs of about 200 yuan,” Ye Shoumin said. He contracted 385 mu of land, and mechanization can save him over 70,000 yuan in one rape planting season.

At the same time, more financial assistance to farmers will be offered for lower costs and higher efficiency of the spring ploughing. To help farmers in Rui’an to gain wins of spring ploughing, Rui’an Rural Commercial Bank, the first cooperative financial institution of Rui’an’s “Triad” Smart Agriculture for Shared Prosperity platform, provides a full range of services for farmers in the triad of production, supply and marketing, credit, etc., implements detailed favorable financial measures and optimizes its services. All these efforts will ensure the stability of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, enhance digital and intelligent spring ploughing and farming preparation, and further reduce costs while increasing efficiency. By the end of February, the bank had invested 393 million yuan in agriculture-specific cash loans, benefiting nearly 1,700 new agricultural business entities and grain farmers.

While facilitating production and lowering costs, “strengthening agriculture by mechanization” also makes possible “more production and income”. Practices in Tongpu Town, Rui’an is a microcosm of Wenzhou’s initiative to “strengthen agriculture by sci-tech and mechanization”. According to an authority of the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Wenzhou is picking up paces to strengthen agriculture by sci-tech and by mechanization, work for revitalization of the seed industry and rural revitalization by talented personnel, and increase the input of factors. It will also accelerate the in-depth integration of strengthening agriculture by sci-tech and the high-capacity industrial scientific innovation platform, do a good job in empowering and complementing the agricultural industry chain, and develop the deep processing of agricultural products. Emphasis is attached to tackling the insufficiency with regards to the driving role of leading enterprises, investment in product development, deep-processing equipment, and rural cold chain logistics.

In addition, given Wenzhou’s reality of hilly terrain, more mountains than arable land and inadequate per capita arable land, agricultural machinery subsidy policies in favor of mountainous area have been formulated. Wenzhou municipal finance has specifically earmarked funds to support the 5 mountainous counties of Yongjia, Pingyang, Wencheng, Taishun, Cangnan to raise the purchase subsidy ratio of applicable agricultural machinery to more than 70%, and to reduce farmers’ financial burden to buy agricultural machinery. Meanwhile, the municipal finance encourages the R&D of new applicable agricultural machinery and equipment, transforms farmlands to make them suitable for mechanization, promotes the standardization of agricultural production and the integration of agricultural machinery and scientific agriculture, so as to better adapt the land and planting patterns to mechanized production and make up for the low agricultural mechanization in mountainous areas.

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