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Wenzhou’s intellectual manufacturing: domestic advanced
Date:2022-03-31 15:55:42 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Chint’s Digital Factory

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other administrations released a list of wining candidates in open competition for “intelligent manufacturing pilot and demonstration factory projects” and another list of wining candidates for “excellent manufacturing scenarios” in 2021. Wenzhou’s three companies are inscribed on the lists, with Chint Electrical Appliance on the former, and Zhejiang Tianzheng Electrical and Yueqing Jiade Electronics on the latter.

In recent years, Wenzhou has persistently guided, encouraged and supported enterprises to implement intelligent transformation. In the next five years, it is planned to accelerate the integration of new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, strengthen the typical application of 5G network, artificial intelligence and other technologies to intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the implementation of "5G plus Internet" project, promote enterprises to realize the intellectualized design, manufacture, logistics, marketing, operation, and maintenance. Wenzhou is striving to complete the intelligent technology transformation of its industrial enterprises above designated size in three years.

It is reported that Wenzhou’s enterprises on the lists are all from Yueqing. With most intensive efforts made in Zhejiang Province, Yueqing has issued the New Ten Articles on Technological Transformation to vigorously support the digital transformation of enterprises. In the past three years, Yueqing has paid 558 million yuan of technological transformation subsidies, with an average annual growth of nearly 25%. Nearly 90% of the city’s industrial enterprises above designated size have conducted technological transformation.

Among them, the "Chint intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory for low-voltage electrical appliances" built by Chint Electrical Appliance is expected to reduce the overall production and operation cost by more than 30%, improve the production efficiency by 20%, reduce the defective rate of finished products by 20%, shorten the product development period by 20%, and increase the energy comprehensive utilization rate by 8%. Through the application of digital twin, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other technologies, the demonstration factory has realized digital design, intelligent production, smart management, and safe, green, and collaborative manufacture.

It is well deserved that Zhejiang Tianzheng Electrical and Yueqing Jiade Electronics have been selected as owners of Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenarios (EIMS). Tianzheng Electrical Company's "Workshop’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)" project integrates multiple intelligent manufacturing modes, such as intelligent R&D and design, Master Production Schedule (MPS) optimization, material demand plan and coordination, workshop intelligent production and intelligent IOT access, and removal of all impediments to the overall coordination of the supply chains. With its APS project, the company can well manage the production factors of personnel, machines, materials, methods and environment as well as process flow, plans, productive process, resources, logistics and performance. Aiming to build an intellectual factory, Jiade electronics has realized the data sharing of the manufacturing execution system, resources planning and management system, and product life cycle management, in which the digital design of process flow is included in the EIMS.

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