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Wenzhou to Establish 25 More“City’s Studies”This Year
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A “city’s study” in Wenzhou

High-quality cultural supply is part of citizens’ aspirations for a better life. By the end of last year, 112 “city’s studies” had been established in Wenzhou, which can cut people’s reading costs, encourage them read frequently and promote a love of reading in all our people. Half-an-hour’s reading a day can enrich most Wenzhouese life. Recently, the Wenzhou Library has sent five groups of staff members to the city’s 12 counties (county-level cities and districts), including Lucheng, Longwan, Ouhai, Yueqing and Rui'an, to make an on-the-spot investigation for the site selection of new city’s studies. This year, Wenzhou will establish 25 such studies.

City’s studies help Wenzhou become a model in national reading

The government work report, released on March 5, 2022, says that "We should promote the flourishing of philosophy and the social sciences; press and publishing; radio, television, and films; literature and art, and archiving. We will further promote a culture of reading among our people.” It is for the nine consecutive years since 2014 that "...reading among our people" has been contained in the government work report.

On April 23, 2021, World Reading Day, Wenzhou won the first national title in China - "National Reading Demonstration City". It is the honour of Wenzhou, and its major achievement in building a city of avid readers in recent years. Without its success in the establishment of city’s studies, the city could not have owned the glory.

In 2014, the first city’s study made its debut in downtown Wenzhou. Well accepted by the city’s citizens, the study proved to be a successful trial. Underpinned by the city’s favourable policies, special funds, and libraries at all levels, city’s studies have sprouted up all over the city, forming a 15-minute reading culture circle and a new trend of loving reading.

Reading every day makes your life colourful

The Haitanshan City’s Study, with ground glass windows and light gray walls, is furnished with rows of wood bookshelves, comfortable tables and chairs, and warm lights... Every weekend, Ms Liu Congcong, who lives not far from the study, takes her son there. She reads books and her son does homework, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere at the study. In the city, there are many citizens like Liu, who have taken to reading for half an hour or more every day, which makes their life colourful.

"Every noon, I’m used to finding a good book to read for half an hour in a city’s study. It is the best time of a day to me," said Xiao Hu, who has just graduated from a university, works in Xincheng in the east of the city. At spare time every day, she often goes to the city’s study near her working place, where she relaxes and fills herself with “spiritual energy” as well.

The reading spaces, such as city’s studies, make reading more ceremonial, and life  change positively. Reading has become “a beautiful sight to behold” in Wenzhou.

According to statistics, city’s studies have been included in the project of "doing practical work for the people" by the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government for five consecutive years since 2014. By the end of 2021, 112 city’s studies have been built in Wenzhou, 64 located in the urban area and 48 in counties (county-level cities and districts). The studies, covering a total area of more than 27,500 m2, own a total collection of 1.206 million copies of books, and have totally received 14.0013 million readers, with 12.8321 million copies of books in circulation and 104,900 library cards handled.

In January this year, the work report of the Zhejiang Provincial Government proposed to include the construction of city’s studies in ten-pronged practical work to be done for improving people's livelihood in Zhejiang. It is planned to build 200 city’s studies in the province, including 22 in Wenzhou. To strengthen Wenzhou's public cultural facilities construction, the city’s municipal party committee and government increased the number to 25. At present, the Wenzhou Library has completed the preliminary arrangements of the studies’ site selection through the on-the-spot investigation. It is reported that a batch of new city’s studies will be based on the future countryside and future communities to help realize common prosperity in spirit.

Wenzhou’s city’s study mode extending to the whole country

In recent years, Wenzhou has made every effort to build "a city of avid readers”. The Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department has systematically constructed a network system of national reading, featuring four-in-one (conventional, digital, mobile and self-help libraries). More and more organizations and citizens have participated in national reading. A love of reading is becoming a common practice in Wenzhou. According to "A Survey Report on National Reading in Wenzhou (2020)" released by the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, the comprehensive reading rate of the residents in the city is up to 91.3%, 10 percent higher than the national average.

It is worth mentioning that the city’s study mode embodies Wenzhou's cultural export. Wenzhou’s success in city’s studies has attracted the reports of major media all over the country and the concerns of leaders at all levels. In 2020, 110 cities across the country have joined the "cooperation and sharing system of nationwide city’s studies" since the system was established. At present, city’s studies have opened across this country.

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