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Wenzhou disposes over 13,000 tons of MSW per day
Date:2022-03-15 15:01:44 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

It is learned from Wenzhou Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau that Wenzhou’s annual average daily disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) was 10,600 tons per day in 2021, whose disposing capacity had exceeded 13, 000 tons per day, getting rid of the phenomenon that “the city was surrounded by daily garbage”, which is helpful for promoting the construction of a garbage-free city.

It is worth mentioning that, three years ago, Wenzhou used to dispose less than 6400 tons of MSW per day. However, its disposing capability was greatly doubled through implementing mechanisms like "three-year action", "special teamwork for promotion", "Task listed on the wall", "Monthly notification" during the three years, because a total of 14 new MSW treatment projects were completed which increased the MSW disposal capacity to 6635 tons per day.

However, the phenomenon of mixed throwing, mixed collection, mixed transportation of MSW still exists to some degrees. At this point, the relevant staff of Wenzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau said that they mainly focus on the following three aspects: classified placement, classified collection and transportation, and refinement for the long-term mechanism.

In terms of the classified placement of domestic garbage, Wenzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, according to the practice of Wenzhou, put forward the innovative management model of "two withdraw two fixed two placement" (i.e. the withdrawal of waste barrels from the upper floors, the withdrawal of scattered barrels for centralized garbage, fix the time and location of placing domestic garbage, the allocation of persuaders and garbage room renovation), to ensure that residence communities set garbage cans, garbage room in a reasonable way. In addition, it will continue to improve the environmental sanitation of the garbage collection points through intelligent, semi-intelligent, or traditional garbage throwing modes to satisfy the needs of the public as much as possible and according to local situations. By the end of 2021, Wenzhou has built 3,215 standardized garbage rooms such as "Fashion Room", "Ou-e Station", and "Jiafen Station".

In the second process of classified collection and transportation, we have implemented diversified collection and transportation modes such as direct transportation, barrel-for-barrel replacement and special collection and transportation according to different conditions. There are 206 renovated and upgraded transferring stations and 610 classified transportation vehicles; 25 standardized temporary storage places have been built for collecting hazardous waste about 56 tons annually, doubling that of last year; More than 22,000 people (including the property service enterprise staff, cleaning service workers, administrator of sanitation, and law enforcement officers) have received training.

In terms of the long-term mechanism, the key lies in strict implementation of the Law of Zhejiang Regulations on the Management of Municipal Solid Waste. In the past 2021, Wenzhou urban area has filed and investigated 7767 cases of violations related to garbage classification. There were 23,903 educational persuasions, 5,987 written rectifications and about 1.745 million yuan of fines, which enhanced the deterrent effect of punishment.

In addition, Wenzhou has established a comprehensive management system to recycle, dispose and utilize special wastes, i.e., small and micro-hazardous waste and agricultural waste. It is learned that in 2021, Wenzhou government signed a total of 16,823 small and micro waste-producing enterprises into the network, so that a total of 16,223 tons of hazardous waste could be transferred and disposed at least once a year for 100% completion of waste reduction. At the same time, 152 large-scale farms in Wenzhou have been all equipped with supporting facilities that could dispose livestock and poultry manure effectively.

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