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Traditional culture industry revitalizes Yongjia County
Date:2022-12-05 15:24:15 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The exhibition of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of Yongjia County kicked off on Nov. 28th. 13 intangible cultural heritage artifacts, including wood carving, rice sculpture, and hook embroidery, will go overseas for touring exhibition. On the same day, the fourth Culture Week of the Zhejiang Dragon Kiln was opened in the Ou Kiln Townlet, which indicated the firewood  kiln was fired again. As ICH artifacts went international and Ou kiln revived, Yongjia County rejuvenated its traditional culture.

Yongjia County boasts 250 ICH representative items at the level of national, provincial, municipal and county. These 13 ICH artifacts will be collected by the North American Asian Co-creation Association and sent on touring exhibitions, including the first "Ouyue Cultural Neighborhood Festival" in Queens, New York, the 39th Asian Art Festival in Miami, and the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The Culture Week serves as a platform to promote the Wenzhou Ou kiln brand, aims to deduce the ancient firewood firing techniques and promote the culture of the Wenzhou Ou kiln. More than 100 categories of pottery were fired this time, reaching a record high. These include goblet-shaped pottery inspired by classic bronzes, masterpieces based on the Yangshao pottery culture and the cooperation with famous seal carvers, and vessels combined with fashion elements and typical Song dynasty culture.

Currently, local government holds cultural festivals and events, launch cultural tourism projects, and upgrade the cultural tourism industry to combine the local culture with nature. The cultural industry will become the engine for economic development and these efforts will foster the local culture to go overseas.

The year 2022 has witnessed the thriving of cultural activities. The first "pick up the beauty" paper painting exhibition was held by Setizhai studio in the Beishan village, and local Song dynasty artworks exchange exhibition was opened. Tourists participated in the first art market at Ruoxi International Art Village, and they enjoyed Lishui Street Yongjia Kun Opera and Nanxi (literally Southern drama) performances.

Also, local authorities vigorously implemented the "artist-settle in-village program" and opened studios of cultural and artistic celebrities in Furong Ancient Village, Lishui Street, and Bottomland Music Park in Yantou Town, such as Zhang Ruyuan studio, Chen Zhongkang Calligraphy Studio and Zhou Jianpeng Green Landscape Studio. The program would bring into play cultural celebrities' influence and brand effect in their respective fields and achieve cultural empowerment.

Yongjia County has introduced and set up many cultural tourism integration projects, such as Nanxi Poetry and Painting Town, Ou Kiln Townlet, and Nanxi Academy, to promote integration of culture with tourism. The County inherited the ancient village culture of the Nanxi River, continued to encourage ten major cultural tourism projects, such as  the "Jiangnan Song Village, Fenglin Ancient City Revival" , and planned the Yongjia cultural tour routes, and completed the Yunshui Ballad Music Fair.

Local government has originated the concept of "Yongjia SONG" based on Chinese Pingyin to promote tourism. "S" stands for "poetry" culture; "O" stands for "Ou kiln" culture; "N" stands for Nanxi (Southern Opera); "G" stands for “Farming and Reading culture” represented by "Ancient Villages" culture. And they designed the "Song Dynasty Style Nanxi" culture brand logo and rolled out 66 types of "Song Dynasty Style Yongjia" unique artistic and creative products, injecting inexhaustible cultural resources for cultural industry development.