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“The Landscape of the Yandang Mountain” aired on CCTV in prime time
Date:2022-12-05 15:23:40 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The southeastern China is rich in mountains and rivers, and the Yandang Mountain gathers outstanding charms. At 8 pm in prime time on November 27, CCTV1 broadcasted the 9th episode of the large-scale cultural program produced by the China Media Group (CMG), “China in Poetry and Paintings”, in which the scroll of “The Landscape of the Yandang Mountain” made an amazing appearance. The program extracted the essence from the poetry and painting in the scroll and invited pipa player Fang Jinlong and young dancer Zhu Han to create a fascinating piece of audiovisual work among the hills and waters, wonderfully integrating the poetry and painting on the real scene and under the artistic interpretation of the Yandang Mountain and depicting the beautiful scenery of the mountain in the new era.

“The Landscape of the Yandang Mountain” is a color painting on damask silk created in 1526 by Ye Cheng, a painter of the Ming Dynasty. Collected in the Palace Museum in Beijing, it illustrates the Yandang Mountain which has the reputation of “the first mountain in the southeast of China”. Ye painted the beautiful and magnificent scenery of the Yandang Mountain with dense, fine and vigorous strokes.

In the program, the scroll gradually rolls out, and the wonders that are colored with inks and pigments show up one after another. Every scene from every angle has its unique beauty. The trees in the mountains and even the rocks by the streams are meticulously painted, and the contour lines of the stone peaks are square, straight and strong. The dense and fine brushwork and rich colors make the picture full of layering, which perfectly shows the unique and beautiful characteristics of the Yandang Mountain. Few of Ye Cheng’s works have been handed down, and the scroll of “The Landscape of the Yandang Mountain”, with its high artistic level, is definitely a masterpiece.

The Yandang Mountain has inspired countless creative ideas, which have never been exhausted until today. In the program “China in Poetry and Paintings”, pipa player Fang Jinlong and young dancer Zhu Han lead the audience to appreciate the painting among the mountains and the mountains in the painting. The audience sometimes “shuttles” among the mountains enjoying the views of the peaks and sometimes “flies” up to the sky to look down on the rolling hills, enjoying an uninterrupted view of wonders of the Yandang Mountain with marvelous sounds among the hills, by the water, and in the sky.

This episode was filmed right at the Yandang Mountain, and the crew successively went to many scenic spots such as Dalongqiu Waterfall, Xiansheng Gate, Yanhu Lake, Sanzhe Waterfall and Lingyan Rock to shoot. The mountain is named after a story that “there is a lake on the top of the mountain covered with reeds, attracting wild geese to live in the shallow lake in the autumn.” (“Yan” stands for wild geese, and “dang” means a shallow lake.) The crew, borrowing the legend and applying the symbol of the faithful love of wild geese, captures the overlapping interpretation of the pipa performance and duet dance to further demonstrate the unique charm of the Yandang Mountain.