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Cangnan to mold itself into a “beautiful garden”
Date:2022-12-05 15:22:37 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Cangnan Leek Garden Caravanning Base.

Meandering in the picturesque landscape, one is encountered with beauty at every step. The eye-catching scenery in this long scroll of landscape in Cangnan, like pearls, is strung into a necklace, hailing tourists from afar.

Last Friday, a media group with the theme of “Upholding the Spirit of 20th CPC National Congress to Forge a New Cangnan with Shared Prosperity” carried out a  photographic tour in Cangnan. They were overwhelmed by the superb views in Cangnan, the colorful Dingkui Mountain Tunnel in Yuliao, the dazzling 3D light show of the pedestrian tunnel in Yanting Scenic Spot, the new Haikou Scenic Spot, and the resplendent night view of the old street in Xiaguan, to name a few. Those attractive sights with cultural and historical significance draw tourists from all directions.

Enhancing landscape to show a better image

Driving on the road of Yuliao Scenic Spot through the gorgeous Dingkui Mountain Tunnel in Yuliao, you will be greeted by gentle sea breeze and a wonderful picture of coastal scenery. Beautiful green mountains stand close to you while the boundless blue sea lies in the distance.

At present, Cangnan is vigorously developing and constructing the 168-kilometer Ecological Coastline. Dayuliao and Yanting scenic areas being the core scenic areas on the 168-kilometer Ecological Coastline of Cangnan, Cangnan Tourism Investment Group has actively planned and implemented several tourism projects for “Micro Transformation and Fine Upgrading”, such as the colored painting in Dingkui Mountain Tunnel in Yuliao, the upgrading of the village landscape at the entrance of Yanting Scenic Spot, and the 3D light show of Yanting Pedestrian Tunnel, so as to inject vitality into the coastal tourism in Cangnan.

With the successful completion of those projects in 2022, the scenic attractions polished their image and showed new charm. Yanting Pedestrian Tunnel was transformed into a colorful underwater fairy tale world, and Dingkui Mountain Tunnel at the entrance and exit of Yuliao Scenic Spot was changed into a “sightseeing avenue” of the168-kilometer Ecological Coastline. In addition, Cangnan Tourism Investment Group is fully advancing the “Micro Transformation and Fine Upgrading” tourism projects of Yucang Mountain, Bowl Kiln, Shijutang Scenic Spot and Haikou Scenic  Spot. By enhancing the overall appearance and quality of the tourist destinations through the increase of supporting facilities, transformation of greening landscape and environmental improvement, it will carve out a new pattern of Cangnan tourist attractions.

Completing supporting facilities to show the potential

In the Cultural Tourism Demonstration Hall of South Zhejiang Seaside (Mazhan) Tourism Distribution Center, tourists will surely have an unforgettable experience. They can get a glimpse of the whole view of Cangnan 168-kilometer Golden Coastline in the module called “Of Beauty”, and they can start an immersive journey of “Cangnan with Mountains and Sea” through the interactive modules such as going far, fishing and cycling.

South Zhejiang Seaside (Mazhan) Tourism Distribution Center is the largest, most functional and most influential tourism service complex in Wenzhou, which serves such scenic spots as Dayuliao, Two Bays (Palm Bay - Phoenix Bay), Puzhuang Fort and Peaceful and Beautiful Xiaguan.

In order to ease the difficulty in parking, traffic and access to scenic spots, Cangnan Tourism Investment Group has upgraded the electronic equipment, outdoor LED display, distribution hall, ticket hall, traffic signs and identification system in the tourist public area of the Distribution Center this year. Every effort has been made to provide tourists with one-stop services that incorporate tourism distribution, tourism consultation, tourism leisure, tourism shopping and intelligent services. At present, the Distribution Center can provide about 2,000 parking spaces and accommodate a maximum of 20,000 visitors every day, significantly improving the reception capacity of Cangnan’s coastal scenic area.

Integrating culture with tourism to show vitality

A boom of tourism needs telling Cangnan stories well. In order to promote Xiaguan Town to be a new landmark of cultural tourism in south Zhejiang for rural revitalization, Cangnan Tourism Investment Group and Xiaguan Town joined hands to implement the project of renovating Xiaguan Characteristic Town. Efforts are made in every detailed aspect to enliven the old streets and revive its former prosperity.

The Xiaguan Old Street is an old street of commerce and trade with profound history and culture, witnessing more than 600 years of vicissitudes in Xiaguan. Capitalizing on the local culture of Xiaguan and following the principle of “putting the street back the way it was”, Cangnan Tourism Investment Group has comprehensively improved the overall appearance of the old street, the cultural atmosphere of the neighborhood and the spatial arrangement of the business, and has shaped a historical and cultural block with feels, quality and local flavor. Tradition is combined with modernity, tourists feel at home, and commerce and tourism are rolled into one in this street. In 2022, Xiaguan Old Street was awarded the title of “Wenzhou Culture and Tourism Consumption Cluster”.

Transforming digitally to show quality

After scanning the code for verification by the staff of the scenic sight, visitors are allowed into Dayuliao Scenic Area without getting off the bus, as seen at the ticketing gate of the place. At present, tourists can buy tickets online for Yuliao Scenic Area from the mini program of “Easy Travel in Cangnan” and various OTAs such as Meituan and Ctrip. After purchasing tickets online, tourists can enter the park without changing tickets offline, which saves a lot of trouble for tourists. In addition to the intelligent ticketing system of the scenic spot, the intelligent parking system there has also been well received by tourists.

In 2021, Cangnan Tourism Investment Group listed Dayuliao Scenic Area as a pilot intelligent one, and was fully committed to the construction of intelligent scenic area. It intensified the construction of scenic area in the respects of intelligent management, service and marketing, optimized the services of scenic area, and strove to bring new tourism experiences to tourists. At present, the software system for the construction of Dayuliao intelligent scenic area has been applied to South Zhejiang Seaside  (Mazhan) Tourism Distribution Center. In the future, the Distribution Center will efficiently interact with Dayuliao Scenic area to promote further upgrading and transformation of tourism reception services in Dayuliao Scenic Area and drive local tourism economic consumption.

Upon leaving, visitors can place orders for local specialties such as Fanshan meat swallows, Qiaodun moon cakes, dried small shrimps and seaweed through “Easy Travel in Cangnan”. Or, they may open the electronic map of the whole area of Cangnan to know the scenic spots, attractions and hotel accommodation in Cangnan before leaving for the next tourist destination in the county.