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Yueqing to unveil its rural tourism routes
Date:2022-11-08 15:40:26 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Daping Mountain in Longxi Township of Yueqing

Themed “intoxicating sceneries and common prosperity”, an all-for-one tourism event series has recently been launched by the tourism authority of Yueqing, a county-level city of Wenzhou, and local travel agencies to fully tap into its cultural tourism resources in villages and promote the integrated development of the industry.

Rural tourism has long been regarded as an important contributor to China’s rural revitalization, common prosperity, and harmonious coexistence between man and nature. This time, the government of Yueqing and local travel companies are to jointly offer tours lasting from one to several days to promote its rural sceneries, culture and cuisine, attracting more tourists to the rural areas full of Yueqing flavors.

The event planners recently went to Longxi Township, the first destination of the tourist route, to conduct a field study. The township is known for its scenic spots represented by Xiansheng Gate, Sanshui Cliff, Shihu Valley, Shihu Waterfall and Via Ferrata, and signature local products, such as noodles and Dendrobium. During the field study, the planners investigated the scenic spots, local specialties, and homestays of Longxi, laying a solid foundation for the design of the tours lasting from one to several days there.

In recent years, the tourism authority of Yueqing has been optimizing the spatial distribution of its tourism industry, with more resources channeled to rural tourism and efforts paid to local tourism branding. These steps are meant to enable the residents to enjoy the fruits of the tourism industry and share the affluence, both in material and cultural terms, contributing to China’s rural revitalization and common prosperity. Five quality rural tourism routes will be available in succession, providing more choices for local travel lovers who wish to feast their eyes on Yueqing’s historical and natural landscapes “at doorsteps”.