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Construction of Rui’an-Huling Expressway commenced on Oct. 31
Date:2022-11-07 11:03:50 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Rendering of the Rui’an-Huling Expressway

On the morning of October 31, at the commencement ceremony of the third batch of major projects in Rui’an City in 2022, the construction of the noteworthy Rui’an interconnection section (Rui’an-Huling Expressway) of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway double line was officially commenced. This means that Rui’an will have all its major towns connected by expressways. It will take less than half an hour from the major towns to the city center of Rui’an and one hour to the downtown area of Wenzhou. The project is of great significance in promoting the integration of Wenzhou’s western towns into metropolitan area, boosting local economic development and improving the overall layout of Wenzhou.

Being the first project in Rui’an to be included in the 102 major engineering reserved projects of the national “14th Five Year Plan” and having the largest investment scale and longest construction mileage in Rui’an so far, the Rui’an-Huling Expressway, with a total investment of about 18.934 billion yuan, will stretch about 37.3 km, passing through 8 towns (subdistricts) in Rui’an including Xincheng, Anyang and Huling. It is worth mentioning that the Rui’an-Huling Expressway will connect Huling Town, the last major town without expressway in Rui’an.

On the same day, 12 major projects were scheduled to start construction together, with a total investment of 30.55 billion yuan, covering six major areas, including transportation and energy, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, social development, improvement of people’s livelihood, ecological environmental protection as well as urban renewal. Since this year, Rui’an has successively implemented a series of major project tackling actions such as the “Good Start”, the “Stable Second Quarter”, and “A Hundred Day Hard Work”. Under the concerted efforts of the city, as of September 30, 234 key construction projects have completed investments of 21.79 billion yuan, and 117 continued construction projects have completed the scheduled investment in advance, with investments of 16.99 billion yuan and a completion rate of 100.2%.