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Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway achieves new progress
Date:2022-11-29 16:35:28 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

At 2 am on November 21, with the completion of concrete pouring, the No. 37 pier-pylon of the Nanxi River Super Major Bridge along the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway constructed by the China Major Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd (MBEC) was successfully capped, which means that the superstructural construction of the bridge has achieved a major breakthrough.

The 481.6m-long Nanxi River Super Major Bridge is a key control project of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway. The main bridge is a double-pylon double-plane concrete cable-stayed bridge, and its two pylons are concrete structures. The No. 36 pier-pylon is 85.5m high, and the No. 37 pier-pylon is 80.35m high. The No. 37 pier-pylon capped this time and the No. 36 pier-pylon to be capped soon will stand erectly on both sides of the Nanxi River in front of the Wenzhou North Railway Station, becoming a beautiful landscape.

The No. 37 pier-pylon is close to the operating line of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Railway, causing great potential safety risks to the construction of the pylon. Since the commencement of the construction, based on the concept of “safety first, precautions matter most”, the project department has strengthened on-side safety control, strictly enforced the obligatory regulations for constructing near operating lines, enhanced safety education and skills training for all staff, and implemented precautionary systems on key procedures, including heads taking the lead on duty, risk-prevention staff inspecting, and “one machine, one person”, to ensure construction safety. At the same time, in terms of construction quality control, the project department insists on complying with the requirements of standardized construction, makes full use of a series of measures such as intelligent management, smart prevention, four new technologies (new technology, new process, new materials, new equipment), scientific research and innovation, vigorously promotes the construction of quality projects, and realizes smooth line shapes of the constructed project with internal solidity and external beauty.

The 6th section of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway, with a total length of 21km, is a comprehensive railway project integrating bridges, tunnels and roadbeds. According to previous news, the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway will be opened to traffic in June 2024. At that time, the three major metropolitan areas of Hangzhou, Jinhua-Yiwu and Wenzhou will be closely connected to form a backbone intercity rail transit line radiating from the core area of the Yangtze River Delta to the southeast of Zhejiang. Meanwhile, connecting the rich tourism resources of Hangzhou, Jinhua, Yiwu, Wenzhou and other places is of great significance for improving the layout of the regional road network, creating a “one-hour” transportation circle in Zhejiang, and promoting common prosperity.