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2022 Wenzhou International Fashion Culture Industry Expo rounded off
Date:2022-11-29 16:32:12 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On November 21, the 4-day 2022 Wenzhou International Fashion Culture Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as Wenzhou Culture Industry Expo) was successfully concluded.

During the exhibition, a total of 256,000 visits were paid to the main venue of Wenzhou Olympic Sports Exhibition Center, the Dongshan Bazaar in Zhongshan Park on Gongyuan Road in the downtown area, and the 5 branch venues in Lucheng, Longwan, Ouhai, Rui’an and Yongjia respectively, yielding a turnover of 326 million yuan. The brand effect of the Expo has also boosted the popularity and business of the 28 pavilions of the Expo. So far, 28 pavilions have received 268,000 visitors, with a turnover of 510 million yuan.

True to form, each Wenzhou Culture Industry Expo renders something extraordinary for Wenzhou citizens. With the theme of “Millennial Ouyue Culture for Creative Future”, this year’s Expo is a comprehensive, exquisite, practical and wide-ranging one, sending a gust of Ouyue culture to the city.

The millennial Ouyue culture manifests itself the best in the intangible cultural heritages. At the Expo, the boutique creative products imbued with such core elements as the Nanxi Opera, Ou kiln, Ou sculpture, color stone mosaic, etc. glowed with charm, showing the humanistic appeal of the national historical and cultural city. Since the outset, each Expo sets aside a pavilion for intangible cultural heritage to illustrate its inheritance in Wenzhou. Today, the items of intangible cultural heritage in Wenzhou, ranging from “municipal level” to “world class”, amount to 963.

Through exchange, the open city of Wenzhou gets more vibrant. The latest excavation and discovery of the ancient port of Shuomen proves that Wenzhou was a key juncture of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, a fact that best testifies the “Open Wenzhou”. This year’s Expo, aiming to relive the past glory of the “Millennial Trade Port” with creativity, invited countries including Italy, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam to exhibit their distinctive cultural creative goods in the special pavilions and opened a special area for the “Culture City of East Asia” to showcase its open temperament and unique charm. Rangtang County in Wenzhou’s partner city -Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, also brought their exotic cultural creative products, including Thang-ga, Tibetan pottery, Tibetan incense, Tibetan paper, Tibetan tea etc., which are very different from Ouyue culture. Diverse cultures converge to present the audience an experience in which beauty, unique in each form, represents itself with diversity and integrity.

A vital city as Wenzhou, while hosting various events, turns to its identities and reputations for inspiration. Given that Wenzhou is the “City of Fashion”, this year’s Expo for the first time opened “Wear - Over the Millennium” 2022 Wenzhou Fashion Week activities, in a bid to enlarge and empower the clothing industry chain and promote the brand of “Wear in Wenzhou”. Moreover, the construction of child-friendly city makes the ancient culture around Wenzhou fashionable and lovely. This Expo has brought a slew of surprises to children in the traditional intangible cultural heritage, fashion and light industry, cultural creativity and urban development. Besides, the approaching Asian Games offers Ouhai, the host of Hangzhou Asian Games dragon boat competition, some inspirations of creativity. The district transforms the cultural symbol of “dragon boat culture” into cultural creative goods and brings it into the life of citizens through the Expo, thus conveying the spirit of “Asian Games with Ouhai”. Since Wenzhou is the first “National Reading Demonstration City” in the country, this year’s Expo held the “Wenzhou City Book Fair”, where 50,000 kinds of publications and more than 130,000 books covering all categories were on display. This book fair with the most exhibitors ever was tantamount to a feast of books for the public.

A city of fashion is led by pioneering ideas. Wenzhou Culture Industry Expo serves as a platform for the exchange and collision of cutting-edge ideas and avant-garde concepts. During this year’s Expo, a number of “golden” cultural activities were held to dig deep into the “gold mine of ideas” and to lead the creative future, for example, the Cultural Economy New Trends Conference, the Future Countryside and Cultural Tourism Development Summit Forum, Cross-Strait (Wenzhou) Cultural and Creative Development Forum, and the 50 Craftsmen Forum. The “2022 Cultural Economy New Trends Conference” released in the first place the latest creative design, fashion design, as well as the latest achievements and dynamics of digitization and “digital intelligence” . The launch ceremony of the 50 Craftsmen Forum gathered globally experts from think tanks and academic experts in the field of handicraft and cultural industry to explore the new path of fashioning traditional handicrafts and promoting the integration of handicraft into people’s lives.

This year’s Expo was co-sponsored by Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government, Zhejiang Cultural Industry Promotion Association and China Arts and Crafts Association, and organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee, with 1 main venue, 5 branch venues and 28 pavilions, and more than 50 supporting activities. The main venue housed enterprise representatives from 24 countries in China and more than 500 companies from over 40 cities in China.

Wenzhou Culture Industry Expo has been held for 9 sessions since 2014. The cumulative number of visitors has exceeded 2 million, and more than 4,000 cultural enterprises from over 40 countries and regions have participated in the Expo. With its scale, popularity, turnover, influence and branding rising year by year, this Expo was honored as one of the “40 Outstanding Characteristic Exhibitions During 40 Years’ Reform and Opening-up” and one of “China’s Most Influential Brand Exhibitions”.

For 9 years, Wenzhou Culture Industry Expo, a grand cultural gala for Wenzhou people, has been activating Wenzhou’s cultural stock and enhancing Wenzhou’s economic growth. With the dual power of culture and economy, it finds a new perspective for the world to observe Wenzhou. The Expo has become an icon to express Wenzhou’s cultural confidence.