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The “Spark of Culture and Art” Campaign kicks off in Rui’an
Date:2022-11-29 16:30:36 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The “Spark of Culture and Art” campaign in Rui’an.

Ruian, a county of Wenzhou in East China’s Zhejiang Province, recently launched its “Spark of Culture and Art” campaign, an event series to display street art exhibitions across the county. Its debut was made in the local Zhongyi Historical and Cultural Block.

The block staged The Story of Pipa, a well-known Yue Opera play. This vivid interpretation of the love story of Cai Bojie and Zhao Wuniang, the protagonists of the play, enabled the audience to get a close look at traditional local culture. What came right after was a music bazaar where local residents lingered and focused on classic pop music performances.

The “Spark of Culture and Art” campaign is now in full swing in Zhejiang Province. More art and cultural events are to be held, spreading the spark of culture and art all over the urban and rural areas. It is a move to bring more people closer to art, and promote common cultural and spiritual prosperity.

A total of 543 rural art troupes and over 70 folk art troupes, together with art training institutions and individuals with artistic skills, are recruited to jointly build a “happy and youthful Rui’an”.

In recent years, Rui’an has designated the areas allowing regularly held street performances as part of the efforts to create its “15-minute quality culture circle” and “night cultural tourism consumption cluster”. Committed to forging an exemplary model of fueling urban development through culture and art, the county is to further promote its Zhongyi Historical and Cultural Block, National Flag Education Center, Southern Opera Inheritance Research Center, and other demonstration sites going forward.