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Cangnan Quickens Construction Project Approval by Accepting Briefed FSR
Date:2022-11-22 13:00:25 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

A few days age, a local kindergarten construction project was approved in less than 1 hour at the window of the Cangnan County D&R Commission stationing at the County Government Affairs Service Center, with the approval time cut by about 60 day. The stunning efficiency comes from the commission’s reform in accepting simplified feasibility study report (FSR) required in approving a government-invested project conforming to some conditions.

Wang Jiazheng, Director of the Cangnan County Government Affairs Service Center, briefed that applicants (enterprises) needed to submit an elaborated FSR previously when applying for approving their undertaking government-invested projects. The report, containing ten chapters, was usually entrusted to an intermediary agency for preparation, which took at least two months and cost nearly 100,000 yuan. Now, to ease enterprises’ burden, the Service Center and the county’s D&R Commission require a much briefed FSR (an application form) if an application is filed for approving same kind of project in a small size and with its Project Proposals approved and risks controllable. In the application form should be specified the key elements and technical indicators of a FSR, such as project name, construction site location, construction scale and content, technical, economic and social benefit analysis, total project investment, source of funds, etc. The Cangnan's reform of the approval dramatically improved its work efficiency, sped up the approval of government investment projects and enriched public product supply.

The Cangnan County’s Ma Zhan Town Second Kindergarten construction project is one of the beneficiaries of the approval reform. With a total investment of 49.88 million yuan, and a land area of about 16.3 mu, the project includes building children's activity rooms, office, living and auxiliary houses and others, amounting to 7,552m2. The Kindergarten is designed for 18 classes. After completion, it will be the largest among the "three towns and one township" of Ma Zhan Town in the near future. The rapid approval of the project helped increase preschool education resources in Mazhan.

According to statistics, Cangnan is to start the construction of nearly 20 small-sized government-invested projects, with their project proposals approved, for education, municipal administration and water conservancy.