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Eight cultural venues in Longgang opened simultaneously
Date:2022-11-15 16:23:32 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Citizens are reading in the city’s study on the evening of November 7th.

At night, the city’s study called “Water Tower” lights up the “reading light” for the public.

On the evening of November 7th, the lighting ceremony was held in a city’s study called “Water Tower” on Longyue Road, a famous pedestrian street in Longgang City. The citizens lit up the so-called “cultural lighthouse”, marking the official opening of the eight new cultural venues in Longgang in 2022. At the same time, by scanning the QR code of “All people light up Longgang cultural lighthouse”, citizens have participated in the online “lighting cultural lighthouse” in their Moments of WeChat. The “Reading Month”--“reading one book a month, one hour a day” activity in Longgang started simultaneously.

The “Water Tower” City’s Study on the Longyue Road is transformed from the old water plant, with a total investment of nearly 20 million yuan. At night, with colorful lights on, the original water tower becomes a “cultural lighthouse”, making this newborn city full of cultural vitality.

The cultural venues officially opened at the same time were Longgang Xipai City’s Study, Cuihu City’s Study, Government Affairs Living Room City’s Study, Jiazhu Lacquer Museum, Kongjian Reading Room, Qiantou Village Museum, Sundian Farmer’s Reading Room, etc.

“As the first county-level city upgraded from a town in the country, Longgang tries to keep up with the corresponding public cultural facilities. With the growth of the public demand for public cultural life, we have worked hard to realize a '15-minute quality cultural life circle' by building, transforming, repairing, and upgrading at the fastest speed cultural halls, city’s studies, cultural stations, farmer’s reading rooms, and other special cultural venues with the architectural style featuring local elements and book collections based on contemporary themes”, said a related person in charge of the Publicity&United Front Work Department of Longgang City.

Since this year, Longgang has implemented the “15-minute quality cultural life circle” project at “Longgang speed”. Opening the eight cultural venues at the same time is a good witness for the project immediately put into practice.

Longgang government attracts competent social organizations and enterprises to participate in the operation and management of public cultural facilities. It has made a series of guiding catalogs and implementation rules  to promote the diversified supply of public cultural services.