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WHFCEEA election results unveiled
Date:2022-01-07 16:41:45 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

A few days ago, the results of the selection of Wenzhou’s Historic Figures of Cultural Exchanges in East Asia (WHFCEEA) were unveiled. The event was sponsored by the Wenzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau and undertaken by the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center.

According to reports, the selection is part of a chain of activities for promoting the construction of Wenzhou as a "Culture City in East Asia (CCEA)", aimed to tap and show the history of cultural exchanges between Wenzhou and the two countries of Japan and South Korea, to motivate citizens’ pride of Chinese culture and the cultural identity, and to comprehensively upgrade Wenzhou city’s cultural dissemination capability and influence. The figures to be selected should be deceased celebrities with historical records from the Han Dynasty to 1949, who should have once lived in the regions currently or once under Wenzhou’s jurisdiction, with priority given to the former, and who had made prominent contributions to promoting cultural exchanges between Wenzhou and the two countries in certain fields or were positively influential, with a clear historical background and reliable historical evidences.

The selection has attracted extensive concern and active participation of Wenzhouese at home and abroad since the event was launched in March 2021. The event was announced through media on the Internet, and celebrities were nominated by experts and recommended by the masses through street interviews and online streaming, evaluated by an expert panel for several rounds, and voted online. The Selection Committee finally selected 20 persons as WHFCEEA, They are: Shi Xuanjue, Li Churen,  Yuanzhen (eminent Japanese monk), Zhou Zhu, Han Yanzhi, Wang Shuo, Ye Shi, Daxiu Zhengnian, Gulin Qingmao, Zhou Daguan, Gao Ming, Liu Ji, Jiang Ligang, Huang Shaoji, Song Shu, Huang Qingcheng, Wang Hongnian, Jiang Qi, Su Buqing and Xia Nai.

The CCEA is a strategic project from the mid- and long-term cultural cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea. It has played an important role in promoting domestic city culture construction, Asian regional cultural exchanges and cooperation, as well as cultural diversity in the world. It is currently an international brand with a high value in this country's cultural field. The CCEA is also an important platform for improving the city’s international communication capability, artfully telling Chinese stories, interpreting Chinese characteristics and highlighting Chinese spirit. In August 2021, at the 12th China-Japan-South Korea Ministerial Conference on Culture, Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province, Jinan City in Shandong Province, Oita Prefecture in Japan, and Gyeongju City in South Korea were elected as "CCEA". Since then, Wenzhou's cultural work has been incorporated into the national cultural diplomacy strategy.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the follow-up construction of the CCEA, this city will launch Over 100 items of culture showcase activities for the Year of CCEA Wenzhou China in the spring of 2022. And exchanges will be conducted as well with the Cultural Cities of Europe, Cultural Cities of the ASEAN and other foreign cultural groups. The activities will be themed with “Wenzhou, a Window to the World”, which consists of four subthemes: "Poetic Wenzhou", "Dynamic Wenzhou", "Opening Wenzhou" and "Happy Wenzhou". The events will cover the fields of cultural heritage and its protection, literature and art, sports events, tourism, cuisine, creative design, economic and trade cooperation, etc. Next, following the release of the selection results of WHFCEEA, Wenzhou will open local projects of culture common to the East Asia so as to promote cultural exchanges, tourism development and people-to-people bonds between Wenzhou and foreign countries in the East Asia, and to offer more opportunities for creating Wenzhou’s new cultural highland and enhancing its international image.

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