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Two new provincial famous mountain parks in Wenzhou
Date:2022-01-04 09:28:44 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, the online selection of the second batch of “Famous Mountain Parks” in Zhejiang Province, jointly launched by the Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Bureau, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and other relevant departments, came to an end, and Wencheng Baizhangji Scenic Area and Taishun Wuyanling National Nature Reserve in Wenzhou were listed. Including Yandang Mountain, which was listed in the first batch, there are three Famous Mountain Parks in Wenzhou by now.

The “Famous Mountain Parks” are “complexes” where people and nature live in harmony, consisting of nature reserves and surrounding villages and towns. They are the exemplars of the natural and cultural resources in Zhejiang Province, as well as highlands for the integration of scenic spots and villages and for green economic development. Since the introduction of the first batch of “Ten Famous Mountain Parks” in 2019, Zhejiang Province has been actively carrying out such key tasks as ecosystem restoration, infrastructure enhancement, cultural resources excavation and tourism industry development, and leveraging on digital reform to continuously advance the construction of intelligent famous mountains and develop eco-tourism on the premise of conservation.

Located in the hilly areas that connect Zhejiang to Fujian, Wenzhou features diverse geological formations and countless rivers. Its unique topography and rich pattern of water systems have created famous mountains and rivers with a wide variety of vegetation, high biodiversity value and rich landscape levels. The listed Baizhangji Scenic Area is characterized by splendid waterfalls, beautiful lakes, potholes and abysses, valleys and peaks and biological diversity. It also highlights Liu Ji culture, since it is the hometown of this founding father of the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) who is also known as Liu Bowen. The main functions of  Baizhangji Scenic Area consist of ecological conservation, sightseeing, leisure and holiday, and scientific research and exploration. It homes the national 5A-level scenic spot of Liu Bowen’s Hometown, and such 4A-level scenic spots as Tongling Mountain and Forest Oxygen Bar Town. As for Wuyanling National Nature Reserve, it is reputed to be a natural “biological gene bank” and a green “ecological museum” due to its rich biodiversity.

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