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Wenzhou’s 8 entities awarded the "most beautiful public cultural space"
Date:2022-01-10 15:43:40 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, the list of the most beautiful public cultural space of 2021 in Yangtze River Delta and some cities was released, among which eight public cultural entities in Wenzhou, including "Book Cube 1670", were selected.

These 8 public cultural entities are City Studies and Cultural houses, which are familiar to the public, as well as other diverse places like private bookstores, private museums, and township cultural hall.

The selection, lasting for three years, is directed by the Department of Public Services of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China. There are a total of 302 awards for cultural spaces, including the Most Beautiful Public Cultural Space Award, the Top 100 Public Cultural Spaces Award, the Outstanding Public Cultural Space Cases, and the Excellent Operation Cases.

In recent years, under the cooperation of “Government-led, community-participated and personalized mode”, more and more cultural spaces have been emerging in Wenzhou, with appealing appearance, full functionality, interactive and unforgettable experience, meeting the increasing needs of young people for public cultural service. The shared mode of brand construction and the multi-integrated public service system demonstrate the tolerance, openness, and innovative feature of Wenzhou. The City Study and Cultural house, initiated by Wenzhou, have been selected as the 2022 People's Livelihood Project by Zhejiang Provincial Government. In 2022, Wenzhou will steadily promote the construction of 15-minute public cultural circle, providing more "the most beautiful public cultural spaces" for citizens to meet their spiritual and cultural needs.

Award List

Top 100: Book Cube 1670

Excellent Cases: Nanxi (an early form of Chinese opera) Cultural House, City Study of Nantang Street, Longwan District Library, Tangjing Yongning Academy of Wenzhou, Weicheng Cultural Hall of Jinxiang Town, Nanhuaijin Academy, Qingdeng Stone Carving Museum

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