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Wenzhou opens third international air cargo route
Date:2022-01-10 15:37:33 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On January 2nd, 2022, at 12:51, a direct air cargo route from Wenzhou to Tokyo, Japan has been launched successfully, which is the third international air cargo route operated by Wenzhou Longwan International Airport as well as the first international full-cargo route. The opening of the flight allows goods from Wenzhou to East Asia, meaning that Wenzhou has achieved full aviation coverage of Europe, America and Asia.

There will be three flights from Wenzhou to Tokyo every week, with Boeing 737 full-cargo plane operated by China Postal Airlines, carrying 10.3 tons of cross-border e-commerce goods. It is reported that the opening of the Wenzhou-Tokyo air cargo route is expected to elevate Wenzhou's international cargo capacity to a new level, serving Wenzhou and even Zhejiang cross-border e-commerce enterprises to promote high-quality development of Wenzhou's foreign trade and achieve "Wenzhou goods departing from Wenzhou".

To ensure the opening of the flight, Wenzhou Airport Group has discussed and negotiated with China Post and China Postal Airlines for many times to evaluate the risks. At the same time, great efforts are made to overcome difficulties such as strict control of route approval, lack of crew resources, and tightening prevention and control of the COVID-19. Based on the previous experience of intercontinental "passenger to freighter conversions" flight, Airport Group also cooperated with Wenzhou Customs by enhancing epidemic prevention and control measures to achieve the first flight of Wenzhou-Tokyo international full-cargo route at the beginning of 2022.

Since last November, Wenzhou Airport has opened its first flight to Milan, Italy and the second to Los Angeles, the United States with an interim one-month period, achieving full coverage of cargo routes in Europe, America, and Asia, respectively and making great progress in aviation logistics industry. In the next step, under the circumstance of regular epidemic prevention and control, Wenzhou Airport will continue to deepen the potential of air logistics market, increase the routes and the frequency of flights, improve flight capacity, and cultivate new strengths in the development of Wenzhou air logistics by making Wenzhou a new "aviation hub".

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