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Lucheng District: Tapping into Ancient City’s Cultural Attractions for Developing Tourism
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Jiangxin Islet East Park has completed its partial renovation and upgrading, glowing with new charm

Effect picture of Jiushan Park-Songtai Hill historical and cultural upgrading project

Wenzhou, as a poetic city, is also called White Deer City according to folk legend, and was where Dongou State lay over one thousand years ago. To inherit the city’s profound historical culture, the Three-year Action Plan for the Construction of Oujiang Landscape and Poetry Road in Lucheng District (2021-2023) was unveiled a few days ago. It is proposed in the plan to form a tourism route based on the ancient Wenzhou City with hills and waters, which was shaped like connected Dipper stars, to show the city’s history and culture. To this end, focus should be laid on building famous culture-laden hills, waterways and ancient towns into influential scenic spots along the landscape and poetry road, and let them become icons in the construction of  "Poetic Zhejiang" and the cultural highland in Lucheng District .

Exploiting cultural attractions of ancient city to develop tourism

According to the plan, Lucheng District of Wenzhou will strive to fulfill the tasks under six cultural themes, such as tapping deeply into the historical and cultural connotations of the landscape and poetry road along the Oujiang River, preserving ancient Wenzhou city ruins, and expanding local landscape poem influence so as to highlight Wenzhou’s ancient culture.

To protect and exploit the ancient Wenzhou city, the plan specifies that through restoring and upgrading the“Famous Historical and Cultural City (Wenzhou) and its typical blocks, the protection and utilization of the ancient city ruins and cultural sites along the landscape and poetry road should be strengthened, with focus laid on reviving a number of famous and ancient towns and streets, such as historical and cultural blocks of Wuma-Mochi, qingnianfang and shuoman to comprehensively show the new look of restored ancient Wenzhou city as a leader in modern leisure life, with distinctive regional characteristics and strong cultural flavors.

Meanwhile, focus will also be laid on the implementation of the expansion project of the ancient city’s Jiushan Scenic Area and others, on vigorously promoting the comprehensive control of water environment, on beautifying the Oujiang River, and on accelerating the construction of a number of key projects, such as the transformation and upgrading of Jiangxin Islet wharf and its East Park and West Park.

Tourism will be vigorously developed by giving full play to the rich historical and cultural heritages of ancient Wenzhou city. Specifically, in order to intensively display Wenzhou’s humanistic history, it is planned to form an ancient city tourism route by integrating the following tourism resources: five hills (Guogong, Haitan, Huagai, Jigu and Songtai) in the old urban area) , Jiangxin Islet, ancient city wall ruins at Huagai Hill and Shuomen, a watchtower above an inner city wall opening, historical and cultural blocks and retro buildings, ancient wells built according to 28 constellations, celebrity memorial halls, themed museums and public cultural service venues, as well as delicacies mainly from Ou cuisine and others.

The plan also proposes to develop local cultural tourism along the poetry road by upgrading cultural heritage protection and exploitation, transport, tourism routes and digitalization. It is planned to cultivate new cultural tourism business forms and expand tourism consumption market. By deepening the policies and measures to stimulate consumption along the poetry road, and expanding the influence of the exclusive brands of “Ancient Wenzhou City” and “Poetic Jiangxin Islet ” , it can be realized to cultivate and create an economic pattern with diversified business forms, services and consumption scenarios along the poetry road. What’s more, it is also among the plan that with cultural attractions along the road as the core, to create a number of night economic agglomeration areas and characteristic shopping blocks to enrich the night tourism business forms, and promote cultural and tourism consumption.

Inheriting ancient culture for planning all-rounded city renovation

In the "List of Key Construction Projects of Oujiang River Landscape and Poetry Road in Lucheng District (2021-2023)", the Jiushan Park-Songtai Hill historical and cultural upgrading and reconstruction project is included as a famous culture-laden mountain one. The project, with a total investment of 110.92 million yuan, is connected to the west extension of the historical and cultural blocks of Chanjie Street,  a park as its main body to be completed in October this year. Actions will be taken to find out historical and cultural relics within the 170,000 m2 of green space from Jiushan to Songtai Hill, to renovate and upgrade the nighttime light show, green space landscape and infrastructure, including the improvement on the Yongjia Master Memorial Hall enclosure and related cultural facilities located in Songtai Hill.

The planned construction project also includes the reconstruction and upgrading projects for Jiangxin Islet East Park and the Park Phase II, West Park and wharf. Among them, the East Park project covers an area of about 424.6 mu, including civil engineering, revetment landscape improvement, water purification, audio-visual equipment, etc.; the construction of the Moonlight-enjoying Zone has been completed in June this yea. The total land area of the West Park project is about 560 mu, which is designed as a modern landscape poetry garden, focusing on building iconic cultural buildings - Landscape Poetry Culture Center, Xie Lingyun Cultural Park and other cultural business forms.

In terms of the planning for famous ancient town construction, there is a continued  project for the reconstruction and upgrading of Wenzhou Jiefang Street and the south area of the Wuma historical and cultural business district (including Shamaohe Lane, Chaiqiao Lane and Dengxuanfang Lane), with a road renovation and reconstruction length of about 2450 meters and a housing construction area of about 186,000 m2. In July this year, the building facade transformation of Shamaohe Lane has been completed, and in October, the sequential upgrading of Dengxuanfang Lane and Chaiqiao Lane will be completed as planned. The total continued project will be basically completed in December this year.

The total investment of Oujiang Road and its landscape reconstruction and upgrading project (Wangjiang Road underpass project) is 1295.91 million yuan. The project  construction is comprised of the establishment of the Ancient City Wall History Museum and the Tourist Reception Center on one side of Jiefang Street to display the ancient city culture of Wenzhou, of the restoration of the former Ou Customs based on  historical record and data, of the construction of the Wenzhou Guchi Hall (Guchi:a local talking and singing show). 35% of the total project construction task, including excavation, its support and part floor construction, is planned to be completed this year.

The reconstruction and upgrading project (Phase II) of the Shuoman historical and cultural blocks covers about 5 hectares of land area, which is to the north of Dasheng Lane and No. 2 Middle School, and to the south of Shuoman project (Phase I) . The project task is mainly to carry out house repair, infrastructure construction, etc. of the historical and cultural blocks. The land requisition and demolition are planned to be completed this year. In addition, there is a Huayuan Lane area reconstruction and upgrading project currently in the preliminary research stage, with a total land area of about 10,000 m2 and a construction period of four years from 2022 to 2026.

History and culture are the soul of a city and the symbol of its character and charms. In recent years,Wenzhou has promoted its ancient city construction as planned. It has connected Chanjie Street, Wuma Street and Gongyuan Road to build the artery of the Wuma historical and cultural blocks, and renovated Sun Yet-sen Park, Huagaishan Park, Waterfront Nantang Street, Dananmen business circle and Jiushan style area so that millennium Wenzhou City glows with new vitality and charms. In the future, with cultural landmarks to spring up, a panorama view of a more prosperous Wenzhou retaining its ancient contour and dotted with hills and crisscrossed waterways will become a feast of your eyes, and Wenzhou will acquire higher quality development with its accelerated construction.

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