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Wenzhou Awarded the Title of “Culture City of East Asia”
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At the 12th Meeting of Ministers of Culture of China, Japan and South Korea held on August 30, the ministers of the three countries awarded the honorary title of “Culture City of East Asia” for 2022 to Wenzhou City and Ji’nan City of China, Oita of Japan and Gyeongju of South Korea.

It is reported that the “Culture City of East Asia” is an international cultural activity jointly launched by China, Japan and South Korea. As an important brand in the cultural field of the three countries created under the leadership mechanism of China, Japan and South Korea, it is instrumental in inheriting the Chinese culture and constructing urban cultural system. Since its inception in 2012, the event has become a key platform for promoting a city’s cultural construction and international exchange and cooperation along the “Belt and Road”, and for enhancing the level and influence of city development. It has also played an active role in boosting bilateral cultural exchanges between China and Japan and between China and Korea. Wenzhou boasts the unique charm of the thousand-year Ouyue culture, the cultural tension of the first city of foreign exchange, the surging power of reform and opening up, and the vigorous vitality of the overseas Wenzhouese. In May this year, it stood out among five candidate cities in China in the final review of “Culture City of East Asia” for 2022 hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is reported that Wenzhou is the tenth elected “Culture City of East Asia” in China.

Wenzhou has a thousand-year cultural heritage, a profound humanistic heritage and a unique cultural gene. In recent years, it has deepened the research of “Wenzhou Studies”, dug deeper into the meaning and contemporary value of the “Yongjia School”, and polished the cultural brands of “Hometown of Nanxi Opera”, “City of Singing and Dancing”, “Famous City of Calligraphy and Painting” and “Hometown of 100 Crafts”. It has also introduced measures for the protection and management of the famous city, cultural relics and intangible cultural heritages. Currently, there are 890 historical and cultural sites under government protection in Wenzhou, including 33 national key ones and 4 human intangible cultural heritages, ranking among the top three in cities with districts in China, accounting for 10% of historical and cultural sites under government protection in the country. Meanwhile, Wenzhou has 35 national intangible cultural heritages, with the intangible cultural heritage protection and development index being the first in Zhejiang for three consecutive years. Wenzhou has held Wenzhou International Fashion and Culture Expo for 8 years in a row, and has organized Qingdeng Bazaar National Aesthetic Conference. Adhering to the principle of “benefiting the people with culture”, Wenzhou has made every effort to improve the level of public cultural services, infused the production and life of the masses with culture, built 3,013 cultural auditoriums that cover both cities and villages, and created 56 “small, exquisite and special” private museums and art galleries. Its experience of city studies, culture houses and corporate governance of cultural institutions has been promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, making Wenzhou a national model. Focusing on digital empowerment, it has forged the “Xuanchuan Jia” platform which gathers 7,531 projects from 1,107 government agencies, social organizations and cultural and artistic groups, realizing mass ordering and platform distribution.

In the next stage, Wenzhou will hold the 2022 “Culture City of East Asia · Wenzhou China Year” at a high level to showcase its unique Ouyue culture and modern urban cultural spirit, cultural ambition and cultural confidence through a series of high-profile international exchange activities, further enhancing Wenzhou’s urban cultural soft power, international influence and comprehensive urban competitiveness.

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