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Wenzhou to Speed the Construction of Pilot City for “Innovation China”
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The 2021 World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS) will continue to be held in Wenzhou this November.

The World Young Scientist Incubator is home to 47 companies.

Recently, Wenzhou has been sparing no effort to prepare for the 2021 World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS) and release the continuous “summit effect” by signing strategic cooperation agreements with six national societies to support WYSS and carry out in-depth cooperation between industry, university and research. The six societies are Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Textile Engineering Society, Chinese Society for Biomaterials, Geological Society of China and the Chinese Materials Research Society. Besides, 10 national high-level talents inspected the innovation front line of enterprises during WYSS-Wenzhou Trip of National High-level Talents to Yueqing, giving assistance to enterprises to solve technical problems.

Wenzhou has also been accelerating the construction of “Innovation China” pilot city over the past month. By making full use of the national platform of “Innovation China” created by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), it frequently approaches high-end intellectual resources to attract talents, technology and other innovative elements to parks, enterprises and production lines, expediting the implementation of Wenzhou’s strategy of putting innovation first, and striving to build a Wenzhou model of “Innovation China” .

“Innovation China” is a work brand launched by CAST, which aims to make use of CAST’s resources in talent, technology and organization to promote cooperation between the Association and local communities, coordinate supply and demand, gather innovation resources at home and abroad, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, promote deep integration of science and technology with the economy, and contribute to local economic and social development of high quality. At the end of May this year, Wenzhou was listed among the second group of “Innovation China” pilot cities. Recently, China Eye Valley-Wenzhou Optometry International Innovation Center was selected as a provincial innovation base for “Innovation China”, and Rui’an City was included in the provincial pilot counties (county-level cities and districts) for “Innovation China”.

“Innovation China” pools the innovative power of 210 national-level societies, according to a resource from Wenzhou Association for Science and Technology. “By giving full play to the resources of the ‘Innovation China’ platform, and with the intellectual resources of high-level talents from national societies, Wenzhou is continuously guiding the flow of talents, technologies and other innovation factors to parks, enterprises and production lines.” At present, with the focus on the “5 + 5” industries, Wenzhou has signed strategic cooperation agreements with over 10 national societies such as the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, established scientific and technological expert panels in collaboration with national societies like Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering and China Society of Automotive Engineers to offer tailored services to Wenzhou’s electrical industry, industrial Internet industry and intelligent auto parts industry for innovative development. As a result, Wenzhou was selected as a demonstration project of “Innovation China” science and technology service group. The “Science and Technology Innovation Service Base” by Wenzhou Senior Science and Technology Workers Association settled in Zhejiang Kindly Medical Devices Co., Ltd., speeding up the transfer of innovation resources to enterprises and building a collaborative innovation platform.

In order to promote the construction of Wenzhou as a pilot city for “Innovation China” and empower industrial innovation and development, Wenzhou has formulated and implemented the Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Construction of Wenzhou as a Pilot City for “Innovation China” (2021-2023) (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) and other policies. According to the Plan, Wenzhou will maximize the effect of the WYSS, broaden the channels for introducing science and technology talents and projects, run the WYSS in succession, and build a “never-ending” summit brand. While actively using the WYSS and other platforms, Wenzhou steps up the construction of “an incubator, a park, a town, a center and a fund” to create a global base of entrepreneurship and innovation for young scientific and technological talents. Meanwhile, Wenzhou will form a number of societies and industrial innovation consortia and build a number of academician workstations, expert workstations, doctoral innovation stations etc. According to the Plan, 50 new academician and expert workstations and 100 doctoral innovation stations will be established in the city within three years. At present, Wenzhou Association for Science and Technology has contacted 9 universities and relevant mountainous counties in Wenzhou to lay out an array of doctoral innovation stations.

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