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Logo of Wenzhou as One of CCEA Released
Date:2021-09-22 09:22:23 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

A few days ago, through the appraisal by multiple parties, the logo of Wenzhou as one of the "Culture Cities of East Asia” (CCEA) was released. The logo will be widely used in various projects and events carried out in the name of CCEA, and in the carriers, such as graphic design, websites, cultural creation and peripheral products as well as on varied occasions.

The logo is coined by artful combination of the left part of the Chinese seal character 温(Wen)and the initials of the words of East Asia, the three parts being properly varied in shape and in three colours with a high saturation. The logo incarnates the vitality of friendly exchanges among the three countries of China, Japan and South Korea, meaning that CCEA is an international exchange platform with rich connotation, and strong inclusiveness and dynamicness.

Wenzhou, as one of the important hubs along the Marine Silk Road, is where the East Asian civilization is exchanged, and Chinese central plains culture, marine culture, immigration culture, etc. are converged. In this context, the logo embodies Wenzhou’s time-honored opening-up and inclusiveness and its “global orientation as a city with mountains and waters”, and also symbolizes that the city is poetic, vigorous, opening, warm and happy.

In August this year, the 12th Conference of China, Japan and South Korea Cultural Ministers was held. According to the principles of the meeting, Wenzhou City and Jinan City in China, Oita City in Japan, and Gyeongju City in South Korea were selected as CCEA in 2022, and from this year on, a variety of international exchanges will be held in the fields of culture, tourism, education and sports. Next, following the development tenet of "East Asian consciousness, cultural blending and mutual appreciation", Wenzhou, as one of the CCEA, will hold high-leveled “2022 CCEA Wenzhou Event Year”. Through exchanges with the cities selected as the “European Capitals of Culture” , “ASEAN Cities of Culture” and other cities as the CCEA as well as the alike, Wenzhou will, jointly with the cities, advance the East Asian civilization, and promote the gradual formation of the networks of cultural capitals in East Asia and the world.

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