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Wenzhou’s Top 10 “Landmark Projects” Determined
Date:2021-09-12 07:56:17 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, after early online voting and expert selection, Wenzhou “Great Construction and Great Beauty” Leading Group Office finally determined the top 10 landmark projects in Wenzhou for the year 2020. They are Zen Street-Wuma Street-Gongyuan Road, Jiangxin Islet, Impression Nantang, Sanyang Wetland, Central Green Axis, Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S, Oujiang Road, Wenzhou International Expo Centre, Wenzhou-Kean University, and Wenzhou World Trade Center-Zhixin Plaza Super High Rises.

Which of the projects around you is Wenzhou’s “city landmark” in your mind worthy of your visit? In March this year, Wenzhou “Great Construction and Great Beauty” Leading Group Office joined hands with Wendu.cn omnimedia to launch an online voting campaign, inviting the general public to vote for the top ten “landmark projects” in their view. They needed to select their favorite 10 projects from the 20 candidate “landmark projects” in Wenzhou.

A landmark project is an iconic area or place for a city’s development and construction. It is a symbol of the city’s style and taste, and has become the source of the city’s culture. In recent years, with the dynamism of urban construction, Wenzhou has enhanced its image and quality in an all-round way through the promotion of “Great Construction and Great Beauty”. A number of “landmark projects” have emerged in areas such as Oujiang River, Tanghe River, Sanyang Wetland, Central Green Axis and the Historical and Cultural Blocks, which have become the landmarks and golden name cards of Wenzhou.

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