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A New Immersive Parent-child Park in Wenzhou
Date:2021-08-16 07:42:31 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

A new immersive parent-child park settled in Wenzhou recently. On August 8, Taishun Songyang Flower Train Park, a project of the returning of Wenzhouese businessmen, officially opened. This mountain train theme park, with a total area of about 92 mu (6.13 ha.) and a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan, integrates six core business types, including train-themed commercial street, characteristic Bell Flower Valley, Deer Forest, Pet Park and train-themed non-powered amusement facilities.

Taishun Songyang Flower Train Park is a project invested in his hometown by Yan Limiao, Chairman of Tianjin Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Yilian Holdings Group. Located at the junction of Yayang Town and Sixi Town in Taishun, it is a tourism project developed in Phase I of Songyang Flower Ecotourism Development Project. Its project layout includes the “Train-themed Commercial Street”, which homes a surprise house, train-themed store, happy carnival, fantasy VR experience hall, train restaurant etc; the “Bell Flower Valley”, which includes a brocade flower street, train bell tower, cloud-like trampoline, adventure train, puppet shop, sunshine flower workshop, flower field, suspension bridge, pet park and so on; the “Adventure Park”, where there is a glass trestle bridge, train castle, Songyang Train etc; the “Deer Forest”, where there is the Shiye Deerlet Restaurant, tea garden maze, maze teahouse, deer house, deer swing, DIY workshop, onion corridor etc; and the “Fun Lawn” including lawn swings, pig race, ponies, lawn theater etc. Tourists will have more immersive parent-child interactive tourism experience in the park.

It is learned that the Songyang Flower Ecotourism Development Project invested by Yilian Group was selected as a major industrial project in Zhejiang Province in 2021. With a total land area of about 400 mu (26.7 ha.) and a total investment of about 1.4 billion yuan, it will build Taishun Songyang Flower International Mountain Sports Town integrating tourism distribution, leisure and entertainment, cultural exhibition and sightseeing experience. The project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of Songyang Flower Train Park is located between Sixi Town and Yayang Town, Taishun County, with the characteristics of mountain train park; Phase II, located in the east of Yayang Town, will make a sports base for cultural creativity, outward bound, forest park, cliff climbing and so on. The newly opened Songyang Flower Train Park is a Phase I tourism development project and also the first mountain train theme park in southern Zhejiang and Northern Fujian. It is expected to receive 2 million visits every year and affect an area of 32.8 km2, driving the development of rural tourism industry in 20 villages along the line and bringing the green and high-quality development of all-for-one tourism in Taishun.

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