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Wenzhou’s Urban Credit Comprehensive Index Enters “Top 10”
Date:2021-08-10 15:52:27 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

August 8, 2021 is the 20th “8·8 Integrity Day” in Wenzhou. On August 6, Wenzhou held a press conference on the construction of social credit system. The press conference revealed that according to the National Urban Credit Monitoring Report released by the National Center for Public Credit Information, Wenzhou entered “Top 10” among 261 prefecture level cities in China in term of the urban credit comprehensive index, ranking 9th, up 4 places over the same period last year.

In recent years, Wenzhou has insisted on credit as one of the city’s development strategies, and has walked through the arduous journey of credit construction through quality building, brand development and demonstration. In particular, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Wenzhou continued to promote the construction of government integrity, business integrity, social integrity and judicial credibility, which yielded remarkable results. The Wenzhou Social Credit Status Survey Report showed that citizens’ satisfaction with the city’s social credit status has increased year by year from 69.3% in the early stage of the “13th Five-Year Plan”(2016) to 81% in 2020.

It is also learned that Wenzhou has pioneered to build and put into use a comprehensive credit information service platform. Around the links of “credit acquisition”, “credit management”, “credit evaluation” and “credit use”, it has formed an integrated credit platform with the municipal platform as the main hub and 12 county (county-level city, district) sub-platforms as nodes. Through this platform, credit files have been set up for 346,000 corporate legal persons, 14,000 government agencies, institutions, social organizations and other legal persons in the city, 792,000 individual industrial and commercial households and 8.32 million people with household registration in the city.

In accordance with the overall requirements of Zhejiang Credit “531X Project”, Wenzhou is comprehensively building a new credit-based regulatory mechanism. The business systems independently built by over 20 departments have been fully connected to the public credit platform, forming a closed loop of automatic retrieval, triggering, response and feedback for credit application collaboration. Besides, departments of ecological and environmental protection, transportation, domestic service and medical insurance have deeply integrated public credit and industry supervision, and gradually realized the transformation of industry management from “threshold management” to “credit supervision”. On the basis of “two random selections and one informational publicity”, differentiated regulatory measures have been taken according to the credit rating based on the overall evaluation results of public credit and industry credit evaluation results.

At the same time, Wenzhou has been expanding key credit application scenarios and promoting the linkage application of credit in ten aspects: administrative approval, law enforcement and supervision, convenience services, public resource transactions, financing services, risk prevention and control, industry supervision, social governance, other government affairs and government self construction. It has also initiated the personal integrity score - Oujiang Score, released 253 application sites in 8 categories of application scenarios, such as credit borrowing, credit tourism and credit shopping, and established a mechanism of credit mutual recognition and credit scenario exchange with Jiaxing, Jinhua, Huzhou and other cities.

To celebrate the 20th “8.8 Integrity Day”, Wenzhou will hold a series of theme activities such as 2021 China Credit Summit Forum, Looking for Integral Wenzhouese Businessmen, credit application case contest, publishing integrity “Red List and Black List”, popularizing the “Oujiang Score” Credit for the People scenes, posting the letter of credit commitment and so on.

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