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Wenzhou Issues “Future Education” Kindergarten Indicators
Date:2021-08-01 09:21:02 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

What does the “Future Kindergarten” look like? A few days ago, Wenzhou Education Bureau issued the Wenzhou “Future Education” Kindergarten Development Oriented Index System (hereinafter referred to as the Indicator System), which includes four major indicators, five major scenarios, and twenty development key points and directions, which outlines the blueprint for Wenzhou’s “Future Kindergarten”.

The Indicator System involves five major landmark scenarios, including the implementation of “Future Curriculum”, the professional development of “Future Teachers”, the three-dimensional evaluation of “Future Children”, and the modernization of kindergarten governance. The document not only proposes to actively carry out self-inquiry, game experience, and deep immersion learning activities suitable for children, and build a new multi-scene, multi-dimensional, shared kindergarten space, but also emphasizes the creation of 1+N space to strengthen the holographic development of the kindergarten space, promotes the big-data based application of scenes, makes use of the educational, artistic and humanistic nature of the kindergarten space so as to realize the intelligent management.

This year is the last year of first round of kindergarten curriculum reform and the initiation of Wenzhou's second round of kindergarten curriculum reform. Jin Xiaoqun, director of Lucheng Preschool Education Guidance Center and principal of Wenzhou No. 4 Kindergarten, combined his own experience in constructing kindergarten-based curriculum with the Index System. She believed that the implementation of “Future Curriculum” kindergarten-based curriculum should fully reflect the respect for children’s learning methods and characteristics, and children can achieve real development through free choice, independent exploration, and spontaneous communication so as to demonstrate the real function of the curriculum.

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