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Two Routes in Wenzhou Selected for China’s Beautiful Countryside Leisure Tours
Date:2021-07-28 12:55:40 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released 2021 (Summer) Boutique Scenic Routes of China’s Beautiful Countryside Leisure Tours, recommending 53 summer boutique routes and 205 boutique scenic spots, of which 2 routes and 10 scenic spots are in Wenzhou. The 2 selected routes are Haixia’s Hometown·Origin of the 100-island Dongtou in Dongtou District, and Nanxi’s Charm Boutique Tour in Yantou Ancient Town, Yongjia County.

In recent years, Wenzhou has been accelerating the development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism. It has created a new business form of “agriculture + tourism”, which “combines agriculture and tourism, promotes tourism through agriculture and prospers agriculture through tourism”. A number of Class A scenic villages and a series of agricultural tourism regional IPs such as Qiaojiale (overseas Chinese enjoyment ) brand B&Bs have taken shape, and a series of characteristic routes integrating agriculture, culture and tourism have been connected. In this way, the city helps the masses raise income and boosts rural revitalization.

As one of the 2021 (Summer) Boutique Scenic Routes of China’s Beautiful Countryside Leisure Tours, Haixia’s Hometown·Origin of the 100-island Dongtou in Dongtou District connects such scenic spots and representatives of new business forms as the Wanghai Tower, Xiandie Rocks, Dongtou Pioneer Women Militia Company Memorial Hall, Jiucai’ao Beach and the Red Mark Hall, manifesting the organic combination of “red” culture, “green” ecology and “blue” ocean.

This route is characterized by red tourism resources, red tourism routes and red research products. By participating in the red song chorus and weaving straw shoes, tourists can trace the footprints of their predecessors, and experience Haixia culture with immersive interaction. By the end of June, Dongtou Pioneer Women Militia Company Memorial Hall had received more than 53,000 tourists, the Red Mark Hall more than 12,000 tourists, and Liaoding Village over 40,000 tourists. The number of tourists received by major red education bases and red tourist attractions had increased significantly compared with the same period last year.

Nanxi’s Charm Boutique Tour in Yantou Ancient Town, Yongjia County connects Yongjia county town, Cangpo Ancient Village, the Memorial Hall of the Former Site of the Military Headquarters of the Thirteenth Red Army in Yongjia, Wanli Farm, Lishui Ancient Street, Nanxi River Bottomland Music Park, etc. It has attracted much attention due to its integration of charming ancient villages, new agricultural outlook and emerging business forms. Wanli Farm, an internet famous tourist destination, takes characteristic fruit picking and parent-child experience as the carrier, extends the content of youth research and learning activities, and operates the farm in a way of online door-to-door delivery and offline picking experience activities, driving a group of villagers to increase their income.

On this route, the “day+night” tour mode is a highlight. The “Nanxi Night Tour” based on Nanxi River Beach Music Park has become a new “tipping point” and new “growth point” for night tour in Yongjia and even Wenzhou at large. On this tour, tourists will be exposed to diversified night life scenes that show the vitality of night life aesthetics, sightseeing, shopping, catering, entertainment and the like. Besides, the Artists Residence Plan in Furong Ancient Village and the “Eternal Blessing from Yongjia” Cultural and Creative Plan have further promoted the popularity and reputation of “Song Village in Jiangnan” and “Nanxi Night Tour”.

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