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51 Foreign Investment Projects Approved in 1st Half of 2021 in Wenzhou
Date:2021-07-25 14:38:59 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The structure of foreign investment continues to be optimized, achieving a steady improvement in quality. In the first half of 2021, 51 new foreign investment projects were approved in Wenzhou, with year-on-year increase of 18.6%. The actual use of foreign investment was 300.42 million US dollars, with year-on-year increase of 124.4%.

In the first half of 2021, Wenzhou introduced foreign investment in a stable scale, in which the major foreign investment project played an important role. Two large new projects, each with a total investment of over 500 million USD, are from Wenzhou Surui Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Wenzhou Tianxiong Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Respectively. The total investment is 1.454 billion USD (including the contractual foreign capital of 268 million USD, accounting for 40% of the whole contractual foreign capital in Wenzhou). There are 6 large projects, eachwith the actual use of foreign investment of over 20 million USD, totaling actual use of foreign investment of 239.18 million USD, accounting for 79.6% of the total actual foreign investment in the city. In the promotion of introducing investment, the concept of large projects is strengthened, and the multiplier effect of large projects is fully realized. The scale of capitalarrival is obviously enhanced, and the supporting and promoting effect of large foreign investment projects is further strengthened.

Promoting stable and improved performance is the key goal and main direction of foreign investment attraction in Wenzhou this year. In the first half of this year, Wenzhou approved 12 new manufacturing projects, up 100% year-on-year; Thecontractual foreign investment is 289.16 million USD, up 5.8 times; The actual use of foreign investment is 97.08 million USD, up 271.1% year-on-year. Two among the 12 projects, each with acontractual foreign investmentover 100 million USD, are from Wenzhou Surui Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Huanyu Group Zhejiang Gaoke Co., Ltd. respectively, totaling 277.26 million USD, accounting for 41.3% of Wenzhou's whole contractual foreign investment; The total actual use of foreign investment is 82.4 million USD, accounting for 27.4% of Wenzhou's total actual use of foreign investment. The attractiveness of high-tech industry to foreign investment is also increasing steadily. In the first half of 2021, Wenzhou's high-tech industry contractual foreign investment is 255.01 million USD, up 51.4% year-on-year, accounting for 38% of Wenzhou's total contractual foreign investment; The high-tech industry’s actual use of foreign investment is 77.69 million USD, up 31.01% year-on-year, accounting for 25.9% of Wenzhou's total actual foreign investment.Since this year, Wenzhou has made efforts to follow up the progress of foreign investment projects into three categories from the planning, implementation, and expected arrival in accordance with the principle of "full tracking, active service, regular connecting, and timely coordination", and to promote stable and improved performance in foreign investment with first-class services. We have established the service mechanism of "one project, one leader, one team, one task to the end" for key foreign investment projects, providing the best service for the whole cycle of projects from contracting, approval, starting-up, construction, operation, etc., and timely coordinating and solving the problems encountered in the process of several projects forwarding. From investment attraction to business stability, Wenzhou government uses the “visible hand” to optimize the investment environment, by creating the first-class environment to promote the attraction of foreign investment in a steady progress.

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