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Wenzhou Sets off a New Wave of “Micro Transformation and Fine Upgrading” in Cultural Tourism
Date:2021-07-25 14:35:53 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Tengqiao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in Xiao’ao Village, a project of “micro transformation and fine upgrading” in Tengqiao Town.

To realize quality tourism and showcase the new urban and rural outlook, the tourism task force of Wenzhou City held the second work meeting a few days ago to deploy the “micro transformation and fine upgrading” of the city’s tourism industry. It’s made clear that the city will do a good job of tourism “micro transformation”, focusing on the eight aspects of “more exquisite experience, more refined facilities, more beautiful environment, more considerate services, more delicate operations, more sophisticated transportation, more high-quality villages and towns, and more exciting industry”. In this way, it will live up to the reputation of “Wenzhou-Poetic Wonderland”.

It is reported that, since the exploration of “micro transformation and fine upgrading", Wenzhou has been committed to improving the quality of urban and rural cultural tourism with finely crafted high-quality projects. Now, the micro transformation has been promoted in various places. Relying on the Ouyue culture and eco-environment, Wenzhou will beautify the “face” of cities, villages and characteristic towns to achieve high-quality upgrading and development of tourism.

Elaborate Creation of  “Tourism Micro Destinations”

In June this year, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism announced the list of pilot cities and counties (county-level cities, districts) of tourism industry “micro transformation and fine upgrading” action. Six places in Wenzhou, i.e., Dongtou, Yongjia, Pingyang, Cangnan, Wencheng, and Taishun, were on the list, and 12 units were selected as the single-item pilots, including Nanxi River Scenic Area and Provincial Tourism Resort of Taishun Langqiao Radon Springs. To excavate cultural connotations and offer better experience to tourists, a number of key projects have been launched around the city to create urban and rural tourism micro destinations.

Around the development concept of all-for-one tourism featuring “integration of culture and tourism, city and scenery as one, and sharing between host and customer”, Lucheng District determined the first group of 10 pilot units of tourism “micro transformation and fine upgrading” represented by the Xiaobafang Block, including the micro-transformation of Xiaobafang scenic block in Puxieshi Sub-district, the micro-transformation of Yinzhou scenic village in Qidu Sub-district, the micro-transformation of Xiao’ao scenic village in Tengqiao Town, the micro-transformation of Qingnianfang in Songtai Sub-district, the micro-transformation of the scenic communities of Xiechi and Baxianlou in Wuma Street etc. In this way, it will gradually promote the “micro transformation” that combines industry and space, culture and vitality, allowing the old city to glow with new vitality and tell new stories.

The Xiaobafang Slow Life Music Cultural and Creative Block is transformed by the demolition and construction of an old residential area next to the Bajieqiao. With a total area of about 7,300m2 and relying on the culture of the Wenruitang River, it is a comprehensive urban cultural and creative output platform integrating music, culture, catering, accommodation, entertainment and leisure businesses, injected with such new industrial elements as cultural creativity and intangible cultural heritage experience. At present, the fashionable ambiance of the block is taking shape, with distinctive low buildings laid out all the way. Exquisite greenery and floral arrangements, decent facade decoration and an open sky garden ... micro transformation brings big changes.

Yongjia County has issued the Implementation Opinions on Building Rural Vacation Micro Destinations, which points out that, relying on the advantages of rural tourism resources in Yongjia County and focusing on the integrated development of “music + homestay”, “art + homestay”, “food + homestay”, “rural life+homestay”, the county will build 10 to 15 rural vacation micro destinations through three-year efforts of “micro transformation and fine upgrading”.

Taking the more open public space as a carrier, Yongjia will introduce a richer public service industry to the countryside by adhering to the guidance of government, the main body of the village collective, and market-oriented operation. For the 6 key tourism towns of Yantou Town, Shatou Town, Fenglin Town, Yantan Town, Daruoyan Town and Hesheng Town, each of them will foster at least one village.

Digital Empowerment of “Intelligent Scene Experience”

Micro transformation is no longer limited to the physical form. Both digital empowerment and technological assistance will instill a source of momentum for the upgrading of tourism quality and high-quality development of the industry.

With the opening of Wencheng-Taishun Expressway, Nanpuxi Town, once a remote town in Taishun County, has become a popular tourist town. Faced with a five-fold increase in the number of tourists, it highlights digital empowerment, adheres to the in-depth integration of digitalization and rural tourism construction, and delivers satisfactory results on holidays.g

How do visitors travel easily at Nanpuxi Town? Only one mobile phone is enough. Visitors to Nanpuxi Town just need enter the WeChat small program of “Nanpuxi Smart Town” to obtain information of attractions, accommodation, catering, shopping etc. They can also be informed of or book in advance characteristic products such as Nanqiao earthen stove experience workshop, Ruoyang marriage culture experience base, Huangshan She Village bonfire singing and dancing square.

To ease the problem of parking, Nanpuxi Town applies GIS location cloud service technology to build a comprehensive management system of scenic spots, and realizes visual management of traffic flow. In addition, the 5G + VR Tourist Experience Hall of “All-for-one Nanpuxi” has been built in the town to meet the tourists’ needs of immersive sightseeing across time and place.

With the rapid development and innovative application of 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, Internet+ is expanding new tourism scenes. Caocun Town of Rui’an plans to invest more than 50 million yuan in two years to renovate and improve the overall environment of villages, transform and better the basic supporting facilities such as rest post stations and tourist toilets, integrate and enrich the tourism formats such as homestays, ancient streets and service centers, optimize and upgrade the intelligent services of tourist distribution centers, bus stops and other populous areas, and strive to build a township tourism brand of 5A scenic town in Zhejiang Province.

As another ace of Rui’an, Jade Sea Chamber plans to invest more than 20 million yuan to improve the exhibition form on the basis of restoring the original book collection function. It will focus on the protection, excavation, inheritance and education of characteristic cultural relics resources, and promote the intelligent upgrading of exhibition by combining modern technology. With the mixture of tradition and modernity, it will combine the functions of sightseeing, entertainment and experience to provide an all-round and immersive interactive experience for tourists, and create an upgraded intelligent scenic spot with more prominent exhibition themes, more diversified exhibition forms, and more colorful exhibition contents.

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