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Wenzhou Pilots the Construction of 4 Sponge City Demonstration Zones
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The sponge city design concept is integrated into the transformed and upgraded Jiushan Road.

Yangfushan Park has a unique rainwater management system.

What is a sponge city? It means the whole city is like a sponge with “water elasticity”. When it rains, the city absorbs, stores, seeps, and purifies water. When it is sunny or dry, it can “release” the stored water and put it to use. Such a “sponge” effect can create a harmonious and wonderful life, and alleviate the inconvenience in unfavorable weather.

Recently, Wenzhou Municipal Government has completed the preparation of the Sponge City Construction Demonstration Zone Implementation Plan (referred to as the Plan) and submitted it to Zhejiang Provincial Government for approval. It plans to build a sponge city construction demonstration area of 8.04 square kilometers within three years.

Sponge Facility Transformation, Exploring an Ecological Living Demonstration Model.

It is learned that the Plan was jointly prepared by Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute and Wenzhou Design Group Municipal Design Institute. Wenzhou chooses four types of construction, including old communities, future communities, characteristic towns and reclamation areas, and makes every effort to build four major demonstration areas, which are located in Lucheng District, Longwan District, Ouhai District and Southern Zhejiang Industrial Cluster.

In this regard, an official from Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development introduced that the topography, ecology and development features of each sponge city demonstration zone are distinctively representative. These demonstration zones will undertake different goals and tasks through different paths of practice to jointly build a sponge city so as to explore more demonstration benchmarks and models for comprehensive promotion of the sponge city.

For example, the sponge transformation ecological demonstration zone of old communities includes the old community reconstruction area and Bailuzhou Park radiation area. The specific range extends to Henghe in the north, Hualongqfiao Road in the south, Henghe in the east, and Feixianan Road in the west. A large number of residents living in this area, especially in several old residential areas around the Wenzhou Sports Center. The Plan takes advantage of the Asian Games to promote the sponge transformation and becomes a model of the old community transformation project. The construction mainly includes the sponge transformation of old communities, water supply and drainage pipe network and the improvement of water resources.

According to reports, in Henghebei community and Qiaoertou Xincun community, some outdoor buried rain and sewage pipes are aging, blocked and leaking, and some rain and sewage pipes are misconnected, disconnected. The “Zero Sewage Direct Discharge” project will excavate and renovate misconnected, disconnected as well as mixed rain and sewer pipes, and carry out road repairs and manhole cover renovations at the same time, so as to achieve full collection of sewage, full diversion of rain and sewage, and full coverage of the pipe network. In addition, the area also plans to further improve the construction of landscape and greening facilities in the renovation of the interior and exterior of the building and the basic items, and combines the Wenruitang River, Bailuzhou Park, other parks and green areas for sponge transformation.

In recent years, the construction of several provincial-level future community creation pilot projects in Wenzhou has been accelerated, and sponge city construction concepts, such as vertical greening, have also been applied. The Plan uses the Longwan Fuchun Future Community as a sponge city construction demonstration zone, strengthening urban planning and construction management, giving full play to the rainwater absorption, storage, and slow-release effects of buildings, roads, green spaces and water systems. And it effectively controls rainwater runoff, and realizes the rainwater control mode of natural accumulation, infiltration and purification. 

In the future community, with the construction of small sponge facilities, building low-impact development facilities such as sunken green spaces, rain gardens, green roofs, permeable paving reduces the amount of rainwater entering the rainwater pipe network. At the same time, setting up rainwater reservoirs on the plots regulates and stores the overflow rainwater to utilize the rainwater resources. 

Relying on Regional Features & Creating a Scenic Sponge Block.

The Sponge City Construction Demonstration Zone of Ouhai Life and Health Town is located in the Shangcai Unit of Chabaipian. The specific area extends to Xuefu Road in the north, Wenrui Avenue in the west, and Ningbo-Taiwan-Wenzhou Expressway in the southeast. Three roads are enclosed to form a triangular area. The demonstration area focuses on comprehensive river improvement, construction and residential sponge city construction.

With the help of characteristic towns construction in this area, the goal of community-based sponge city construction is achieved. It is planned to promote the medical equipment headquarters park (Building No. 7 of the Health Industry Innovation Center) in the Daluoshan Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, and the first phase of Gene Medicine Valley (Zhejiang University Academician Industrial Park) , Nanbaixiang Street Shangcai Village Reconstruction and Resettlement Housing Project, Wenzhou Nanpian Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading and Reconstruction Project and other construction and community construction projects, setting up rainwater gardens, grass ditch, permeable paving, green roof and other sponge facilities, Help the Ouhai Life and Health Town to create an AAA-level tourist attraction renovation and upgrading project.

The Sponge City Construction Demonstration Zone in the Binhai Reclamation Area in Binhai Park has a planned area of 2.3 hectares. This area is dominated by new projects, new residential, public buildings, roads and other projects mainly equipped with small sponge facilities. The new park and green space projects rely on the layout of large sponges to increase the water area.

“Because this area is at the end of the Jinhai Lake water system, it needs to undertake part of the drainage function of the upstream and this area, and it is vulnerable to the impact of sea tides. There will be multiple water safety threats waterlogging, flooding and tide.” A relevant person from Wenzhou Design Group Municipal Design Institute said that the water system in this area should follow the principle of ecological priority, and adopt various measures such as ecological revetment and lake ecosystem to adjust the regulation and storage and self-purification capacity of the water ecosystem to create a beautiful and pleasant coastal reclamation landscape.

At the same time, the area also plans to adopt technical measures such as "seepage, stagnation and cleanup" for more than 10 roads such as Binhai No. 13 Road and Tianrui Avenue, and implement the sponge transformation of urban roads through the installation of permeable concrete and permeable asphalt.

A Sponge-like City, Spitting and Receiving Rainwater Freely.

In recent years, Wenzhou has been exploring the construction of a sponge city. Yangfushan Park, Wenzhou-Kean University, Sanyang Wetland Park, Jiushan Road and other projects have incorporated the sponge city design concept, making the people feel the bonus of the sponge city construction. In order to accelerate the improvement of the “sponge gene” in the whole city, Wenzhou issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Sponge City in March last year, stating that in the future not only roads, but also parks, green spaces, communities, lakes, etc. will become the “sponge” of the city. The Wenzhou City Sponge City Construction Project Management Measures (Trial) also came into effect on July 8,2021, requiring that construction projects such as new construction, reconstruction, and expansion within the administrative area of Wenzhou should be integrated into the sponge city concept, and the sponge city construction facilities should be synchronous with the planning, design, construction and use of the main project.

People who often visit Yangfushan Park will find that even if it rains,  shoes are not prone to get wet while walking on the footpath paved with permeable asphalt, for it has better durability and high-water permeability. In addition, the park also uses different forms of ecological permeation technology, such as block stones embedded in grass, stone steps, gravel trails, etc., to strengthen the infiltration and collection of rainwater, helpful to the protection and restoration of the ecological environment in the park. According to reports, the entire Yangfushan Park’s rainwater management system adopts the structure of “one lake, one stream and one network”, which connects the water system of the park with the external river channels. At the same time, the design of high surroundings and low middle of the park realizes the discharge of rainwater in the park and gather in the artificial lake, so the rainwater “runs” faster.

The green landscape EPC project of Jinhai Park to be completed also incorporates the sponge city design concept in Dongmenpu, Xinchuanpu, Jinhai Avenue and other projects. For example, Dongmenpu, Xinchuanpu, Jinhai Avenue, etc. all use permeable paving, rainwater gardens, ecological dry creeks, etc. to set up sponge drainage facilities and systems. Dongmenpu especially sets up a wetland purification system.

“Nowadays, many areas in Wenzhou are prone to flood when it rains heavily, so spongy city transformation is imperative.” An official from Wenzhou Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau said that the construction of these key projects in the future as well as the four major demonstration zones will provide valuable experience and models for the construction of sponge city in Wenzhou. Besides, other district governments of Wenzhou are also actively preparing local sponge city implementation plans to systematically promote the construction of Wenzhou sponge city.

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