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wenzhou.vcgvip.com Goes Online
Date:2021-12-06 08:27:27 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On November 29, the portal wenzhou.vcgvip.com & “My City and Me - Feeling Happy China in Wenzhou” National Shooting Activity was initiated at Wenzhou Daily Media Group, which aims to tell Wenzhou’s stories in this new era through photos and videos. wenzhou.vcgvip.com is a website launched by Wenzhou Daily Media Group in cooperation with the internationally renowned visual content distribution platform VCG.COM and is operated by Wenzhou Enews.

It is introduced that the platform wenzhou.vcgvip.com strengthens the relevance of images, and focuses on sorting and integrating the massive amount of image information. Images will aggregate in the platform to reconstruct their value. The platform is open to photographers and photojournalists in Wenzhou to collect images of Wenzhou’s red culture, human society, economic development and other aspects, to create a memory bank of Wenzhou’s important history and culture. It features “East Asian Cultural Capital”, “Landscape Poetry Road”, “Capital of Private Enterprises”, “Red South Zhejiang” and “Celebrities”. So far, it houses 50,000 photos and videos of various subjects taken by famous Wenzhou photographers such as Shao Jiaye, Zheng Gaohua and Shao Dalang, as well as photographers from Wenzhou Daily.

The website provides an additional authoritative platform for Wenzhou’s news photographers to share and publicize their photographic works. It helps photojournalists take good images, store and use them in the practice of photojournalism to reflect all aspects of Wenzhou’s economic and social development with their lenses, and to advocate for Wenzhou’s reform and opening up and economic development.

On the same day, the Party History Research Office of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Wenzhou Daily Media Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which provides that the digital platform of wenzhou.vcgvip.com will be utilized for party history publicity, collection of images for Wenzhou Yearbook, display of Wenzhou Yearbook historical photos, and various cooperative activities.

Currently, Wenzhou Daily is working hard to build a Wenzhou Smart Media Information Port, with wenzhou.vcgvip.com being a milestone in moving from “media convergence” to “smart media”. The second phase of the website aims to store 100,000 images, and relies on its partner VCG.COM and its international photo websites Corbis Images and 500PX, as well as AFP and Reuters, to tell Wenzhou’s stories and even China’s stories vividly through brilliant images across language and communication barriers. In this way, the charm of images and the power of smart media can be shown in the process of “writing a new chapter of the history of innovation and walking the road to common wealth”.

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