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Riverside Future Community in Lucheng is on the Horizon
Date:2021-12-20 09:54:05 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The model section of island ring landscape improvement in the south of Qidu becomes a popular destination for the public to relax and camp.

Conceptual rendering of the Banqiao Future Community.

The Oujiang River is to Wenzhou what the Huangpu River is to Shanghai and the Qiantang River is to Hangzhou, crystallizing the humanistic culture of Wenzhou and heralding the future of the land. The landscape along the Oujiang River is an important window and golden calling card to show the image of Wenzhou.

As the key of the “Two Lines and Three Areas” (the Oujiang River and the Tanghe River Lines, the Sanyang Wetland, the Central Green Axis and the Historical and Cultural District) development and construction, both sides of the Oujiang River are set for high-standard and high-grade development in recent years, with the focus on the core area in the downtown. Currently, a core area of 40 kilometers from Dong’ou Bridge to Qidu No.3 Bridge (in planning) on both sides of the River has taken shape, giving a fresh outlook to the urban area along the River. Notably, the Qidu Island in the middle of the Oujiang River, thanks to the support of the international future technology island and the Banqiao Future Community, is ushering its finest hour, with an international modern waterfront residential area centering on the south waterfront of the Oujiang River springing up.

Core area along the Oujiang River, where the River and the city blend together to highlight the value of living in the city

In recent years, the growingly beautiful Oujiang River banks become the first choice of the public leisure and sightseeing sites. You can take a fitness walk along the Oujiang Road walkway, conduct an Oujiang night tour with your family, or sip a cup of coffee at Mifang cei Cultural Creative Park. As the centerpiece of the “Two Lines and Three Areas”, the extensive and exquisite construction along the Oujiang River makes a great difference. A beautiful urban picture that blends the river and the city is slowly unfolded.

Driving along the Oujiang Road, you’ll have a feast on the pleasing scenery on both sides. The landscape along the Oujiang Road seems all the more enchanting in winter. Families gleefully take pictures under the ginkgo trees, hoping to hold more winter colors. On the other side of the road, stylish modern buildings are lined up in order, presenting a rich and varied skyline along the River.

The areas along the river have long been the most resource-intensive area in a city, with the highest-grade development and construction and the most high-end people. They are the place in the city to embrace prosperity by river. This has been successfully practised in cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou. In Shanghai, for example, on the west bank of the Huangpu River, the Bund is the concentrated “essence of the city of Shanghai”. On the east bank, Pudong New Area, after more than 30 years of development, has become Shanghai’s financial center, a base for new high-tech industries and an important carrier for the construction of a shipping center. It is no coincidence that Hangzhou’s strategy of embracing the river has led to the rise of Qianjiang New Town, the Binjiang District and Qianjiang Century City.

Turning back to Wenzhou, the development along the Oujiang River has greatly enhanced the value of living in the area, especially in the core areas of the main city such as the Binjiang CBD and Qidu, which have gathered a large number of high-end residential groups. In the Binjiang CBD alone, for example, there are many high-quality communities such as Lucheng Plaza, Vanke Times Emerald Riverside, Riverside MIXC World and Country Garden Downtown Mansion, which have not only improved the quality and grade of Wenzhou’s human residence, but also become a beautiful sight along the river. The Sanjiang Business District on the north bank of the Oujiang River has also emerged as a result of the development along the Oujiang River.

South waterfront residential area, a future community with river views

When it comes to living environment, Qidu Island, located in the middle of the Oujiang River, is well-endowed. On the 12.7 km2 precious land in the urban center, the riverfront shoreline is 18 kilometers long, like a leaf. With islands within islands, lakes within lakes, and a dense network of water, it evidently enjoys ecological advantages. It is not only seamlessly connected to the Binjiang CBD, but is also surrounded by the River on all sides. As an island in the middle of the River, it is a fair place that attracts entrepreneurs and other high-end people, and gathers a number of villa clusters such as Island in Island and Overseas Chinese Garden.

In terms of block distribution, the northern part of the Qidu Island was developed relatively early. It concentrates neighborhoods such as Overseas Chinese Garden, Riverside Nine Miles, Riverside Majestic Mansion and China Resources MIXC World, which have now formed a mature living atmosphere. In the southern part of the Qidu Island, with the planning of the Banqiao Future Community, the South Riverside Block, which advantageously faces the river to the south, is entering the initial stage of a major development.

As the first future community with river view resources in Lucheng District, the Banqiao Future Community has been selected as one of the “Provincial Future Communities to be Created in 2021”. The project has a planning unit area of 117.40 hectares and an implementation unit area of 32.66 hectares, with the creation type being a combination of demolition and conversion. On the basis of “maintaining the ecological base of the half-city and half-rural area, polishing the industrial layout as the highland of science and technology, and highlighting the spatial characteristics of the borderless riverbank”, the project is positioned as an international “future science and technology living bay”, dedicated to building a window of science and innovation in east Zhejiang, a new model of the future city, and a new home for high-end talents. It will focus on four major scenarios: entrepreneurship, neighbourhood, transportation and architecture.

In terms of planning structure, the Banqiao Future Community is laid out with “one bank, one ring, one center and multiple cores”. One bank means a borderless riverbank where the ecology of the riverbank and the vitality of the park permeate each other. One ring is a creative and intelligent leisure ring that carries the community’s interaction and unhindered slow walking. One center refers to showing future center with scenery, science and innovation and neighbourhood culture. And multiple cores include a technology and culture core oriented to the financial, technological and cultural center, a transportation core oriented to multi-level TOD, and an education core with educational resources as the focus.

It is learned that the three residential plots in the Banqiao Future Community have already started construction, and have introduced such first-tier domestic real estate enterprises as Greentown to jointly create high-quality projects. Two built residential areas plan to further integrate and enhance their public activity space, elderly service rooms, open floors and other public areas, and implant the future community scene construction. As one of the highlights of the project, Longxing Park adopts an integrated design along the river, with 5,900 m2 supporting rooms built in the park to set nine scenes. Its construction covers a neighbourhood center, an innovation space, a science and innovation exhibition hall and a happy academy. It is foreseeable that with the completion of the Banqiao Future Community and the exquisite construction of the area along the River, Qidu South Riverside Block will become one of the most modern, stylish and international waterfront residential areas along the Oujiang River in Lucheng District.

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