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Lucheng Creating Night Economy Demonstration Zones
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When night falls and lights are on, Lucheng District (also called “White Deer City”) of millennium-old modern Wenzhou, presents its unique charming.

Dazzling and flickering neon lights witness the city’s vitality at night: People stroll or stay in historical streets, and at “City Studies”, little theaters, food stalls and featured commercial circles or gather to appreciate light shows, music fountains and other illuminated scenic spots that outline the city…They smelling the fragrance of culture, pass their night leisure time.

Night economy has become a powerful driver for high-quality urban development owing to its huge consumption potential in culture, tourism, catering and leisure. In August 2020, with the review scores ranking first in the province, Lucheng District was selected as part of a provincial night economy pilot city. Since then, Lucheng District has developed forward-looking plans and adopted high standards for efficiently advancing the implementation of the pilot project; underpinned with by key night economic projects and ten major hallmark events, Lucheng District has gradually formed a new model of night economy with reasonable layout, improved functions, distinctive characteristics, diversified business forms and orderly management.

What progress has been made in Lucheng’s night economy one year after the pilot project was implemented? The data shows that from January to September 2021, Lucheng District’s total retail sales of consumer goods reached 57.24 billion yuan, a rise of 11.7% YoY; from January to October 2021, its sales turnover of wholesale and retail trade of accommodation and catering services above designated size stood at 206.67 billion yuan, up 24.2% YoY, and its retail sales of consumer goods above designated size reached 14.4 billion yuan, up 19.3% YoY. The aggregate amount of the above indicators ranked first in the city.

The data is conspicuous. A few days ago, the evaluation and research group of night economy pilot cities in Zhejiang Province came to Lucheng to review its construction in night economy. The team highly affirmed Lucheng's practice and asked it to sum up the experience in the construction and to strive for the title of "Best Practice" so that Wenzhou could become a night economy demonstration city in the province and even the whole country.

Stimulating the Vitality of Night Economic Consumption by Benefiting both Residents and Tourists

At about 7:15 pm, a luxury cruise ship with quite a few of visitors on board, specially built for the night tour of the Oujiang River, departed from the Light Show Wharf of the river and slowly moved along the Oujiang River, tourists on the ship enjoyed the light show on the Guogong Hill, buildings, Grand Ouyue Bridge, CBD in the vicinity of the River, Lighted Waterfall, Grand Oubei Bridge and so on in the old unban district of South Wenzhou. "How spectacular! This trip for the sightseeing is really worthwhile," exclaimed the visitors on the ship, who with their cell phones, intently took pictures of the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river.

As a new comprehensive cultural product of urban night tour" first appearing in China, the Oujiang night tour project has created a new model of the urban night tourism featuring "light show plus night tourism operation". The Shengmeijian Mountain light show created two Guinness World Records of "the world's largest mountain body light show" and "the world's largest lighted waterfall".

On the evening of November 18, the activities for building Wenzhou into a regional consumption center city and of the Second Yangtze River Delta Food Culture Week were launched in Lucheng. During the events, the different dishes of the Yangtze River Delta, such as those from Shanghai, Huaiyang, Suzhou and Wenzhou (also called Ou), were displayed, aiming to spread the famous cuisines in the Delta through showing their exquisite, ornamental and artistic dish arrangements. In addition, more than ten well-known hotels in Wenzhou jointly held Ou cuisine tasting events to enhance the brand image of local dishes.

In recent years, Lucheng's food night markets have gained vigorous development. In August last year, the “Nantang Night Shop” , first comprehensive leisure night market in Wenzhou, was open to the public. Mobile food carts began to line up along the side of the Nantang River, bringing people a good feeling. During the May Day holiday, the average daily passenger flow at the food stalls along Binjiang Road exceeded 10,000 person times, and the single day passenger flow during National Day reached nearly 20,000 person times. On May 20 this year, the activities of the "Moonlight Economy and Happy Life Week" were held in Lucheng, which attracted more than 240 exhibitors and 52,000 person-times of passengers, bringing consumers’ spending for more than 360 million yuan.

Nowadays, in Lucheng, consumers can also make more diversified choices in addition to food. New consumption projects of culture, sports, entertainment and so on are  launched constantly. At Yangfushan Park in the urban area, Weston Smart Town, and items of basketball, football, roller skating, go kart and rock climbing have been put into operation ; Qite Snow Park and a football park are located respectively on the west and east side of Taohua Island Sports Leisure Park. Wenzhou urban residents can have more fun with increasingly fashionable sports events.

Enriching the Cultural Connotation of Night Economy by Integrating Tourism & City Development

In recent one year, Gongyuan Road has been transformed from a pure shopping venue into a scenic area. During this year's National Day holidays,the daily passenger flow of Wuma historical and cultural block, including Gongyuan Road, in Lucheng District is up to 200,000 person times, and to 1.05 million in seven holidays. Now, in Gongyuan Road there stand the tranquil Zhongshan Inn, the classical and elegant Han Chinese Clothing Experience Hall, and time-honored Wenzhou brand shops inheriting intangible cultural heritage.

A city's night economy should first be integrated with the its history and culture. Luchen Dsitrict, as the core area of Wenzhou reputed as a famous historical and cultural city, has injected culture elements into its night economy. In recent years, Lucheng District has proposed to build night economy projects with focus laid on  "Oujiang River", "Nantang River", "Jiangxin Islet", "Central Axial Park", "Wuma Historical & Cultural Block " and "two nodes". In Wenzhou, “Night View of Tanghe River”, typical of the city’s scenic spots for night tour, is one of the high-quality night tour projects emerging in recent years. On November 5, the spot was inscribed on a list of the first batch of national night cultural and tourism consumption clusters released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The “Night View of Tanghe River” is also the name of an urban memory-themed art performance tour first created in China. Based on the millennium folklore, poetry and songs along the Tanghe River, dancers interpret humanistic stories on the river with their graceful movements and postures in shifting lights and colours. Among the stories, “Jin Dynasty’s Litterateur Guo Pu Building Ancient Wenzhou City”, “Wenzhou Governor Wei Yong in Tang Dynasty Building Rivers” and “Wenzhouese Venture into the World” convey the struggling spirit of the offspring nurtured by the Tanghe, and their love for hometown for thousands of years since Ou and Yue Kingdoms were established.

This year, Wenzhou has implemented the "micro transformation and fine upgrading" projects, in which Lucheng has established the first batch of 10 cultural and tourism pilot projects represented by the Xiaobafang slow-paced life music culture and creation block, which reconstructed from old folk houses, has been open to the public. It boasts strong cultural atmosphere and elegant appeal as if a "Shangri La" hidden in the bustling downtown. With governments’ key work carried out on the millennium old city and rural revitalization, the construction of Landscape Poetry Road and the transformation of beautiful towns and historical blocks, more and more similar cultural and creative blocks will be appear in Lucheng in the future. Based on Ouyue culture and ecological background, they will become useful carriers to impart culture.

Building Commercial Complexes to Promote the High-speed Development of Night Economy

On November 26, INCITY, a mega commercial complex of Wenzhou will be open to  the public. The project is located in Lucheng District, with a total building area of 250,000 m2 and an investment of 2 billion yuan. The complex consists of four connected commercial buildings arranged along Central Axial Park

Wenzhou is the second city that have built INCITY following Shanghai. At present,  INCITY has introduced more than 320 stores related to creative fashion, trendy and featured goods, household goods retail, entertainment and catering. Among them, first-stores, such as Parkson Beauty, Boyuehui Cinema, Lulu lemon, Michael Kors, Victoria's Secret, Pinko, etc., account for about 60%.

The commercial complex will build pedestrian roads beside the river on its west,  which will offer services of shopping, leisure, catering and entertainment. The road is to be beautified and lightened by the landscape lighting design team that has once served renowned commercial projects, including Taikoo Li Chengdu and New World Shanghai. The night scene experience outside of the complex will be enhanced by installing 3D giant screens and dynamic light screens on the INCITY facade, and strengthening its outside sound, light and electricity design, to enable the night scene to echo with that of Century Square so as to contribute to the upgrading of urban night view. In addition, a nightlife market will be formed on the pedestrian road by holding themed activities, music and life festivals in combination with commerce and sales, culture and art, community activities etc.

In recent years, a number of large commercial complexes will be successively built in Lucheng. The Vientiane City, with a total building area of about 120,000 m2, is under construction in the CBD area near the Oujiang River, and a super high-rise iconic building of about 330 meters will be built around it; in the core section along Oujiang Road, the Lucheng Plaza commercial complex project is also under construction. The project includes a shopping center with an area of about 90,000 m2, a five-star hotel, an office building, and a commercial tower with a height of no less than 350 meters.  The construction of these commercial complexes is an epitome of Lucheng District’s achievements made in fostering new consumption growth areas and helping to build Wenzhou into a regional consumption center city.

Formulating Preferential Policies to Support the Night Economy Development

Wenzhou recently rolled out the document of the Implementation Plan for Vigorously Cultivating and Developing "New Consumption in Wenzhou" and Accelerating the Construction of a Regional Consumption Center City. By 2025, it is planned to basically complete building a regional consumption center city based in Wenzhou and radiating to Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and even the Yangtze River Delta region.

In stimulating consumption, Lucheng District will focus on vigorously developing the night economy, for which it is taking the following three measures:

(1) Reinforcing fund support to the development of cultural and tourism to promote consumption. The district has allocated funds to underpin the tourism development. Since 2019, the district finance department has arranged 32 million yuan of special reward and support fund every year to incentivize the exploration into the implementation of regional integration of cultural and tourism resources and that of marketing, so as to systematically ensure the integrated development of night cultural and tourism industry. As a result, in the first three quarters of 2021 alone, Lucheng District saw 3.1633 million overnight travelers, grabbing a night tour revenue of 4.441 billion yuan

(2) Formulating more preferential policies and optimizing the layout of cultural tourism. The integration of culture and tourism was incorporated into the district government work report, and seven comprehensive plans, six special plans, five history- and culture-themed plans and four Oujiang River-themed plans were formed successively. A string of policies, carried in the documents entitled the Implementation Opinions on Cultivating the Moonlight Economy and Industry in Lucheng District and the Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the First-store Economy in Lucheng District, have been issued to support the development of night economy. So far, 17 moonlight economic industrial projects have been planned, and 40 first-stores, such as Piaget, Neobio and other well-known brand ones, have been introduced.

(3) Further developing night tour projects and making them influential. Lucheng is creating a river-island-bank 3D night tour route, a slow-paced tour circle along the Tanghe River, an intangible cultural heritage exhibition corridor in the Wuma historical and cultural block and so on. Tour along the Oujiang River, Night View of  the Tanghe River and Shopping in Wuma Street have become three golden calling cards of Lucheng’s  night economy, which will effectively enhance holistic district’s consumption.

"It is Lucheng's goal to build a provincial and even national demonstration tourism destinations across the country, and build a regional consumption central urban area by several years of efforts," said Huang Jiapo, Deputy Mayor of Lucheng District. He revealed in a reporter’ s interview with him that in the next step, Lucheng District will further consolidate the achievements made in the pilot night economy, focusing on the following three aspects. Firstly, the district will concentrate its efforts on upgrading the night services in food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, trade, health and fitness, study, leisure, local customs and featured items, and will improve related supporting facilities in combination with the digital industry of night economy to become the leader of the night economy service industry; secondly, it will further develop "culture + night economy", inherit the Ou-Yue culture, effect the integrated development of the city and tourism, and create six night economy brands of culture + night shopping, night travel, food, fitness, view appreciation and accommodation; thirdly, it will accelerate the construction of a regional consumption center, encourage Wenzhou locals to participate in night economic activities, attract foreign tourists to Wenzhou, and bring benefit to both residents and tourists so as to improve their sense of satisfaction and happiness and to build the city into an international tourism destination.

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