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“Wahaha” from Wencheng County to Sell Nationwide
Date:2021-12-02 10:52:45 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

With the support of Wencheng County, the pile foundation project of the Wahaha Intelligent Beverage Production Base project will come to an end and is expected to be completed ahead of schedule. It is expected that in the first half of 2022, Wahaha Pure Water, Nutri-Express, Mixed Congees and other leading Wahaha products produced in Juyu Town, Wencheng, will use the local water source and be sold across the country.

The introduction of this project was one of the achievements made by Wencheng County. The county fully leveraged its natural resources, aimed at the ecological industry, and promoted the introduction of major projects and enterprises this year. The local government is committed to promoting the quality and expansion of the industrial platform with the “two-year” activity, the introduction of leading enterprises and major projects, and exploring new paths for common prosperity in mountainous areas.

For a long time, Wencheng has implemented the most stringent water source protection measures. Therefore, the water quality of the Feiyun River in the county ranks first among the eight major water systems in the province. Taking advantage of its high-quality water, Wencheng is committed to building an ecological industry focusing on food processing, especially beverage production. The newly-introduced Wahaha project is located in Juyu Town, covering 120 mu (80,000 square meters), with 420 million yuan investment in the first phase. Intelligent strain production workshops, an R&D center and an intelligent factory will be built, which automates and digitizes the entire production process, including beverage production lines such as milk beverages, Wahaha Pure Water, Nutri-Express, Mixed Congees. They are planned to start production in May 2022, with an estimated annual output of 610 million bottles (cans) of beverages and yearly sales of over 1 billion yuan. Also, it is expected to increase hundreds of jobs and drive the development of supporting industries such as food processing, transportation, and packaging in the surrounding areas.

Wencheng strives to build an ecological industry system and introduce major projects by developing green energy and fostering cultural and tourism consumption. For example, the county has signed contracts with state-owned enterprises and the world’s top 500 national energy groups on green energy development projects, invested 10.2 billion yuan in developing new energy such as pumped storage, photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation. The Dongkengling site of the pumped storage power station, located in Yuhu Town, has an installed capacity of 1.2 million kilowatts, equivalent to the capacity of six Shanxi reservoirs. At present, the power station has been listed as a key implementation project of the “14th Five-Year Plan National Pumped Storage Energy”, and the preliminary feasibility study has been initiated. In addition, China Datang Corporation Ltd., a state-owned enterprise and the world’s top 500 company, has already implemented two forest-light complementary photovoltaic projects in the county.

In terms of cultural tourism industry development, the Tianding Lake International Tourism Resort project is under plan and review and expected to be completed by the end of 2021. Located in Baizhangji and Nantian, the project features health resorts, agricultural tourism, cultural creation and Bowen culture areas, with an investment of 10.8 billion yuan. When the project sets to be completed and put into operation, it will bring over 600-million-yuan tax revenue for the county. The first phase of the project, as the core area, will include luxury resort hotels, commercial and leisure waterside streets, underwater world, zenith beach and water park.

These projects and enterprises have significantly contributed to Wencheng's steady economic growth. The first three quarters saw the double-digit growth of the county's private investment, high-tech investment, manufacturing investment and other indicators. The local government over-fulfilled the yearly investment introduction plan with two provincial key projects and centralized construction projects.

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