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Wenzhou Wins Three 2020 National Science and Technology Awards
Date:2021-11-09 08:35:36 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Wenzhou won three 2020 National Science and Technology Awards, China's top honour in the sci-tech field, at the National Science and Technology Award Conference held in Beijing on November 3.

Among the winners, the sci-tech achievement "Efficient Drainage Body Anti-clogging Technology in Forming Ultra Soft Soil Foundation” (Project 1) , with Wenzhou University as the first accomplisher, won the second prize of the State Technological Invention Award. This is the first time that the university has won the highest state sci-tech award as the leading project undertaker. Meanwhile, the sci-tech achievement of "Key Technology and Its Application of High-performance Rolling Bearing Machining" (Project 2) , with C&U Group Co., Ltd. as a main undertaker, and that of "Key Technology and Devices and Their Application to Island / Shore-based High Overload and High Power Supply System" (Project 3), with Wenzhou University as a main undertaker, won the second prize of the State scientific and Technological Progress Award respectively.

It is reported that supported by national key R & D projects, national key funds, and major engineering projects, Wenzhou University’s research team for Project 1 has conducted ten-year-plus in-depth research on the treatment of ultra soft soil foundation formed by river and lake dredging slurry and tideland reclamation. At present, the research outcomes of Project 1 have been widely used in 50 related  projects in coastal provinces and cities, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Tianjin and Guangdong, as well as in foreign countries along the Belt and Road, such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

To meet the major demand of China's Island and port construction for special power supply equipment, through nearly ten years of hard work, the research team headed by Professor Dai Yuxing at Wenzhou University succeeded in tackling the technical problems which island / shore based high power supply systems faced in rapid energy conversion, system stability control and uninterrupted reliable power supply in a harsh environment; the team pioneered the structure of fast energy conversion power supply systems and its virtual diesel engine synchronous control technology, invented parallel impedance-equaling circulating current suppression technology and fast  power failure identification and switching methods of the special power supply, and proposed technologies for device loss reduction modulation as well as multiple heat dissipation and its protection. The research achievements have been successfully applied to national key construction projects of islands, ports and shipyards, to the national west-east gas transportation project, and to the Xichang Satellite Launch Base, Beijing Daxing National Airport and other important places.

Zhao Min, President of Wenzhou University, remarked that it is a historic breakthrough that his university has won two National Science and Technology Awards at one time. "These two achievements are the hallmark of Wenzhou University’s discipline construction in recent years, signifying that its scientific research in relevant disciplines has been taken to a new level, which will play a significant role in upgrading its scientific research, and construction of disciplines and research teams as well as its social reputation."

C&U Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on bearing manufacturing in this city. In recent years, it has made major breakthroughs in tackling the key and core technology of bearings for major equipment. The group, as a main accomplisher of Project 2, has made significant innovative achievements in high-precision rolling element high-consistency processing method, rolling surface high-quality polishing technology and bearing processing equipment by unwearying research through ten-plus-year industry-university-research collaboration. By completing the project,  the group successfully solved the technical problems of high-end rolling bearing manufacturing and realized its industrialization. Its achievements broke up the monopoly of high-end rolling bearings manufacturing by developed countries, such as Europe, America and Japan, providing strong support for the development of high-end equipment in China, and effectively promoting the sci-tech progress of China's bearing industry.

It is reported that the China State Science and Technology Awards are the highest honor in its field of science and technology. The awards have five categories: the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award, the State Natural Science Award, the State Technological Innovation Award, the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and the China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

In addition, it is learned from different sources that at least other two projects with Wenzhou-born scientists as accomplishers, have won related awards.

The "nano-confined catalysis" project, with a Wenzhou-born scientist Pan Xiulian as the second accomplisher, won the first prize of the 2020 State Natural Science Award. The project "Theory and Method of Learning and Understanding of Visual Motion Mode" won the second prize of the 2020 State Natural Science Award. Wenzhou University professor Zhang Xiaoqin attended the research of the project when working in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation.

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