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1st Wencheng “Top Ten Bowls” Culinary Competition Concludes
Date:2021-11-26 16:00:25 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On November 19, the 2021 “Poetic Zhejiang Thousands of Bowls in Hundred Counties” & the 1st “Top Ten Bowls” culinary competition was hosted by Wencheng County Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau (CRTTSB), Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (HRSSB) and other organizations, gathering various local delicacies like the chewy Wencheng lamian noodles, aromatic Bowen roast rabbit, savory but a little bit sweet local pig’s feet, to name a few.

At the exhibition area of the activity venue, Wencheng’s local home-cooked dishes from various local catering enterprises were in full display. After early online selection, 22 hot dishes, 17 cold dishes and 16 snacks got into the preliminary contests of “Top 10 Hot Dishes”, “Top 10 Cold Dishes” and “Top 10 Snacks” respectively. During the on-site competition that day, a jury of guests, professional judges and public judges were invited to evaluate the selected dishes in terms of taste and texture, knife skills and technique, shape and color, nutrition and hygiene. After rigorous assessment, Wencheng’s “Top 10 Cold Dishes”, “Top 10 Hot Dishes” and “Top 10 Snacks” came into being.

Wencheng lamian noodles by Zheng Guoxin, chef of Wencheng Wutong Restaurant, won the honorary title of “Top Ten Snacks” in Wencheng. Mr. Zheng told reporters that Wencheng lamian noodles seem simple but require skillful maneuver. After being hand-pulled to an appropriate length, the lamian noodles need to be dropped into the boiling soup at once. It takes only a while to cook, and the noodles can be eaten instantly after mixing them with sauce and other ingredients. With thick and fragrant soup, the smooth noodles taste chewy and delicious.

Bowen roast rabbit, innovated and developed by Liu Huaming, chef of Dong fanghong restaurant in Nantian, Wencheng, won the title of “Top Ten Hot Dishes” in Wencheng. In Wencheng County where there is a long tradition of raising and eating rabbits, Bowen roast rabbit is popular with the public for it is said to treat yin deficiency, tonify kidney, maintain beauty, invigorate the circulation of blood and clear damp. “Roast rabbits in our shop sell very well, with more than 30 sold a day at most,” said Mr. Liu.

Relevant officer from Wencheng CRTTSB expressed that in recent years, gourmet food industry has become an important carrier to help rural revitalization and promote common prosperity. As a way of presenting Wencheng’s traditional food culture, “Thousands of Bowls in Hundred Counties, Top Ten Bowls in Wencheng” will bring new vitality to Wencheng’s local cultural tourism industry.

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