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WZU Added as a Doctoral Degree Awarding Unit
Date:2021-11-20 14:47:24 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On November 16, the News Office of Wenzhou Municipal Government held a press conference on “Wenzhou University added to the list of doctoral degree awarding units”, announcing that Wenzhou University(WZU) has been successfully added to the list of doctoral degree awarding units and the discipline of chemistry has been approved as a first-class discipline to confer doctoral degree. This marks that WZU has built up a complete talent cultivation and degree awarding system at bachelor, master and doctoral levels, and has reached a new stage of schooling. By now, the number of doctoral degree awarding universities in Wenzhou has increased to two (Wenzhou Medical University and WZU), ranking the second in Zhejiang Province.

With a history of 88 years, WZU is the only comprehensive university across the region of South Zhejiang Province, North Fujian Province and East Jiangxi Province. Its predecessors include Wenzhou Teachers College (founded in 1956, evolved from Wenzhou Teachers School established in 1933) and former Wenzhou University (founded in 1984), the two of which merged in 2004.

The university’s disciplines cover 10 major ones such as literature, history philosophy, economics, management law, education arts, science and technology, etc., in which 4 are among the top 1% of ESI ranking in the world. There are 31 national-level talents in WZU, including academicians, Yangtze River scholars, nationally outstanding youth, highly distinguished medium-aged and young experts, candidates for “national talent project”, nationally outstanding youth fund winners, famous cultural artists and talents of “Four Batches” of the Publicity Department of the CPC etc. 158 academic professionals are selected as talents at or above provincial level. Moreover, WZU boasts 3 national-level scientific research platforms and 29 provincial-level scientific research platforms. Taking WZU as the first completion unit, its faculty has won the second prize of National Technological Invention, the first prize of National Teaching Achievement, the first prize of Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) sponsored by the Ministry of Education, and the Chinese Patent Gold Award etc. To serve the local community, WZU has collaborated with local counties (county-level cities and districts) to build 9 industrial research institutes, 1 graduate school jointly run by WZU and local government, and 11 directly affiliated (or affiliated) schools. Innovative and applied research has been carried out in areas such as low-voltage electrical appliances, ecological and environmental protection, laser and optoelectronics, machinery and equipment, carbon materials, ultra-soft land base and big data, making WZU an important engine for regional industrial development.

Xie Shuhua, Secretary of the CPC WZU Committee, introduced that the successful listing of WZU as a doctoral-degree granting unit is another landmark for WZU after it entered the ranks of key construction universities in Zhejiang Province in 2019, reflecting the increasing competitiveness and influence of higher education in the region of Southern Zhejiang, Northern Fujian and Eastern Jiangxi. It also ushers in a new journey of high-quality connotative development of WZU. Next, with the focus on the needs of national strategic development, the goal specified in The 14th Five-Year Plan for Higher Education Development in Zhejiang Province, and the aim of Wenzhou to build a “city model of common wealth demonstration area”, WZU will further highlight its characteristics of teacher education, innovation and entrepreneurship education and overseas Chinese education, and build a high-level teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics, in a bid to become a powerful engine and important pillar for the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the high-quality development of coastal city groups in Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang.

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