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Wenzhou Selected as “Top Leisurely Tourism City in YRD”
Date:2021-11-20 14:00:50 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

A few days ago, the 7th Yangtze River Delta (YRD) Slow-paced Tourism Summit and the 5th Yangtze River Delta Slow-paced Tourism Destination Union Summit were held in Yixing City of Jiangsu Province. At  the  meetings,approved by the appraisal committee consisting of experts and mainstream media representatives from Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province, a list of honour in tourism was produced. Wenzhou is inscribed on the list as a "Top Leisurely Tourism City in the Yangtze River Delta Region ". The city' micro tourism,featuring leisurely travel to its urban areas and holiday-spending in nearby countryside is developed rapidly, and has gained widespread concern.

The summits focused on creating higher quality leisure tourism attractions and resorts in various destinations in the Yangtze River Delta region, and on adopting a new mode of combined online and offline tourism to make it more easily accessible at the present normalized epidemic prevention and control stage. Wenzhou did well in the focused tasks: 100 projects along the Oujiang Landscape Poetry Road are advancing rapidly, the tourism quality is further upgraded, and distinctive cultural tourism brands, such as "Qiaojiale", become more influential; a new momentum is created in cultural tourism consumption; with Wenzhou selected as the cultural capital of East Asia, its culture and tourism industry become more dynamic. In addition, a variety of featured tourism products, such as urban night tour, rural vacation tour, B&B-centered fruit-picking tour, study tour and winter sports trip, sprout up, which further expanded tourist source market.

Meanwhile, based on ancient Ouyue culture and ecological environment, and by continuous micro transformation and refined upgrading of the tourism industry, and constantly beautifying the cities, villages and characteristic towns, Wenzhou created a string of “micro tourism” destinations, rural tourism brands and intelligent scenarios. Its poetry and landscape are a big thrill to tourists, and unanimously lauded by the appraisal committee of the summits.

Since 2012, the Yangtze River Delta Investment and Development Forum, together with relevant media and institutions, has successively hosted seven tourism summits  themed with slow-paced life. At the summits, experts, scholars, relevant departments, and representatives of tourism destinations in the Yangtze River Delta region made an in-depth discussion on the construction of a "slow-paced tourism" system, and of tourism-featured towns, and on the development of all-for-one tourism and others. Additionally, they selected a number of top slow-paced tourism famous cities, ancient towns, resorts, the most beautiful villages and featured towns in the Yangtze River Delta region. Wenzhou is among the selected, which was awarded the honorary title of "a tourist city with the most Internet-famous traits in the Yangtze River Delta region".

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