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WZU Establishes Wenzhou Local Literature Center
Date:2021-11-17 14:52:22 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Just as an arbor will arouse beholders’ memory of hometown, local literature will ignite readers’ patriotism. Recently, Wenzhou University Library established Wenzhou Local Literature Center and solicited Wenzhou local literature from all walks of life. The Center will be dedicated to the systematic collection, collation, research, utilization and preservation of local documents, in order to facilitate the preservation, inheritance and promotion of Wenzhou’s history and culture, and to serve Wenzhou’s social development and regional construction.

Local literature, an important carrier of local culture, is a treasure trove of knowledge that serves the local community and is a reliable source for studying regional development. Strengthening the collection, collation, development and utilization of local documents is of great significance in passing on local memory and civilization, highlighting the charm of local culture, promoting local development and even carrying forward traditional Chinese culture. Historically, due to the fire, havoc and turmoil caused by wars and social unrest, countless documents were lost in history, and many of those that survived left Wenzhou and were scattered around.

“Wenzhou Local Literature Center is a professional institution that integrates the collection, protection and research of local literature, filling a gap in the local cultural undertaking,” stated Professor Chen Anjin, Director of Wenzhou University Library and PhD supervisor. Wenzhou Local Literature Center has a great role to play in digging deeper into Wenzhou’s culture, decoding cultural genes, revitalizing classic culture, extending the city’s historical and cultural lineage, intensifying its cultural atmosphere and further inheriting and spreading the Song culture.

At present, Wenzhou Local Literature Center has set up a team of document collection and collation. Taking advantage of the scientific staff of the Institute of Chinese Studies (Yongjia School Research Institute) of Wenzhou University, the Center has formed a team of document census and collection to gather and collate Wenzhou local documents and related research achievements. Relying on this team, it will do a good job of collating and publishing Wenzhou local literature, including 102 kinds of literature concerning Yongjia School of Thought. At the same time, Wenzhou University will also use the Center as the basis to apply for a key research base (preparatory) for the philosophical and social sciences in Zhejiang Province and establish a research center of the Yongjia School at Wenzhou University.

In order to dig out the local literature from the piles of old paper and bring it into the view of more researchers and even citizens, Wenzhou Local Literature Center will also use the modern digital technology and multimedia network technology of the Wenzhou University Library to integrate, process, sort and store Wenzhou local literature, and form electronic files to be uploaded to its website. At the same time, online navigation services will be provided to give readers access to Wenzhou local literature resources through modern information retrieval tools in the quickest way.

In addition to making good use of the existing collections of Wenzhou University, the Center is also soliciting various local documents from the society with a view to making its Wenzhou local documents more comprehensive and systematic.

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