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A Viaduct Being Built across River in North Wenzhou
Date:2021-11-15 15:08:34 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Effect View of the Yangguang Avenue East-Extension Project (Phase II)

At the construction site of the Yangguang Avenue East-Extension Project (Phase II) in Oubei of Yongjia County, the workers are busy building the main works of the projects,such as the road and the bridge,and reinforcing the flood control levee construction. At present, 80% of the total work amount, including the pile foundation, has been completed. The builders are striving to complete the main works at the end of this year.

Specifically,the project,including the flood control levee,is located at the section from Oubei Bridge to Nanxi River Bridge, which has the functions of both city traffic mitigation and flood control. The avenue alignment goes from north to south along the side of the Nanxi River,with its south end connecting East Yangguang Road under construction and north end linking National Highway No. 104.

The project mainly consists of three parts: the bridge engineering, including the main line bridge and the elevated platform bridge,the flood control levee and the roadbed. At the starting point, a viaduct extends under the pedestrian stairway of Oubei Grand Bridge to form a T-shaped junction with East Qinghua Road over the river. Then it crosses the flood control levee, and extends, in the form of an elevated platform bridge, over the peripheral land under construction, and under the existing Nanxi River Bridge to intersects with National Highway No. 104, forming a T-shaped crossing. In addition to the main line bridge, the R1 ramp near the “Jiangshan No. 1 Mansion” has been completed, which is also the focus of construction.

The main line of the project is a combination of a viaduct over the river and a subgrade section. The bridge, including the part over the river, is 747m long, with a 416m long D ramp. The elevated platform over the land is 780m long, and the main line of the subgrade has a length of 1464m. There are 3 level crossings in the whole line. As a hydraulic engineering, the newly-built flood control levee from the dock with a port and shipping administration to Nanxi River Bridge has a total length of about 1532m, which is part of the Yangguang Avenue Project. The completion of the project will not only improve the regional road network, alleviate traffic pressure and bring convenience to residents' travel but enhance the flood control capacity of the Nanxi River and further optimize Wenzhou’s urban functions.

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