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Urban Area and Countryside Go Halves in Qidu Wenzhou
Date:2021-11-14 10:08:07 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Riverside view of Qidu Island

Recently, Wenzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau issued a post-approval announcement of the comprehensive plan that Qidu Island will be built into an “international future science and technology island”, to assume the role of the destination of “regional exchange, science and technology innovation and gathering high-end talents”. Its focus are the four major aspects of “business interaction, science and technology innovation, modern services and waterfront living”.

According to the plan, Qidu Island will form an overall land layout pattern with the urban area and countryside going halves. West of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway will be mainly laid out for urban construction: business and commercial land will be concentrated along the south bank of the Oujiang River, residential and supporting facilities will be laid out in combination with neighborhood communities,  park and green areas, commercial and cultural and sports facilities will go hand in hand with the network of waters and greens. East of the Ningbo-Taizhou- Wenzhou Expressway will be mainly laid out for village construction and agricultural and forestry land. In terms of the comprehensive traffic planning, the external road system of Qidu Island involves one expressway and five cross-river bridges. The expressway is Ningbo-Taizhou- Wenzhou Expressway, and the five bridges are Qidu Bridge, Qidu Beicha Bridge, Qidu Second Bridge, Qidu Third Bridge and Qidu Fourth Bridge. The urban roads in Qidu are divided into four categories: urban expressway, trunk road, secondary trunk road and feeder road. The urban expressway extends from Qidu Bridge to Qidu Beicha Bridge, the trunk roads are Qidu Avenue, Qicai Road, Feihong Street and Gaopin Street, the secondary roads include Huandao Road, Shazhou Road, Mingshang Street and Huiqiao Street, and the rest are branch roads.

The plan puts forward the urban design goal of “borderless riverfront, park-style green island, half urban area and half countryside”, which intends to intensify the image of Qidu as an island, a water town and an overseas Chinese town, create public life on the south bank of the Oujiang River, and highlight the feature of modern water city and dreamy water town. By constructing a resilient river valley and shaping the park green network, a “park-style green island” will spring in Qidu. Taking advantage of the south shore of Qidu Island, a “borderless riverfront” will be formed, featuring an integrated spatial landscape, three-dimensional separation of pedestrians and vehicular traffic, and public life near the river”. With the tradition of Qidu as a water town, a modern water city will be built to the west of Ningbo-Taizhou- Wenzhou Expressway, and a dream water town will be built to the east of the Expressway, shaping a unique and charming pattern of half urban area and half countryside.

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